Urgent need: Preowned 900mhz Ubiquity Rocket M900 or Ubiquiti NanoBridge M9 radios or their equivalents of any brand.

900mhz wifi NLOS bridge non-line of sight

We need preowned and used 900mhz WIFI bridges

Working with a community in the Western North Carolina mountains with half the residents unable to get internet of any kind, we’re desperate to help.  Literally no cell phone reception, no DSL, no cable internet, no fiber internet, not even old fashioned copper phone lines are available, traditional satellite internet don’t even work due to the valley and foliage.

Uncle Sam Screwed the Pooch… again… outlawed 900 megahertz wireless networks

Technology exists and was readily and inexpensively available as recently as January 2020. But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) outlawed all use of newly manufactured devices using the 900mhz frequency.  The FCC usually sells these frequencies to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, the people are left without.  And there is no talk about it on the news.  It’s outrageous!

Here are some models of 900mhz WIFI internet bridges that are useful:

Old equipment is still allowed.  If you have and are not using any of this equipment, or if you have Line of Sight and would be willing to upgrade your old equipment to something new, this is some old discontinued equipment that would help most:
YES… other brands of 900mhz WIFI bridges are helpful.
Sorry, no, other, newer models such as the M2, M3, M5, M365, are NOT helpful.  Models with 900mbps are NOT helpful.  Only older, discontinued models with 900MHz.  The FCC no longer allows manufacturer of new models with this frequency, they sold us out.

Help a few folks without internet… donate or sell your servicable 900 mhz bridge WIFI radios

If you’re not in computer networking, please pass this on to your computer networking
friends.  These items are discontinued and there is no other solution to a big problem we have.

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