Friends & family who are staunch political pundits and seem to suffer from psychotic episodes, delusions, schizophrenia-type symptoms might have cat scratch fever.

Tabby cat scratching head with hind leg, outside in front of fence

Cooped up and quarantined

What happens when psychotic episodes become the norm?  When delusions become daily activities, and schizophrenia-type behavior becomes mainstream?  Could it be a previously undetected, relatively easy to treat disease is the culprit?

Political psychosis

It seems more and more friends and family are unknowingly succumbing to various bizarre behavior.  It is often centered around a polarizing political belief, outlook or affiliation.  They seem to stop comprehending written or spoken language, individual thought.  They become unaccepting of any thought or idea different than their own. They’re somehow mesmerized, hypnotized or in some alter reality.

Mysterious curiosity

It’s mystified me for quite awhile.  My curiosity has been building up for years.  Covid and quarantines and extra stressors of modern life might have proliferated everything. But today I ran across a few articles that might just explain the problem. Maybe everyone just has cat scratch fever.

Playing with the cat

A Gizmodo story says recent studies connect cat scratch fever, called Bartonella, with psychiatric symptoms.  For a closer look at the study, check out the NC State Study: Bartonella Infection Associated With Psychiatric Symptoms and Skin Lesions

Is it a rampant undiagnosed problem?

Regretfully, there is no FDA-approved blood test.  The primary way they diagnose this disease, Bartonella, is through visible skin lesions.  But there are dozens of other symptoms.  What if this disease is, in fact, widespread and responsible for all the outragous behavior.


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