Help Wanted: All about McDonald’s Crazy Self Ordering Kiosk

Picture of mcdonalds self ordering kiosk with digital ad displayed that says "now hiring"

Stopped into McDonalds in Arden, NC the other day.  I had not been to any McD’s in awhile, just stopped in for a coffee.  (Why lie: it was a hot fudge ice cream sundae I was after.) A kind gentlemen… Continue Reading

Zoho: No results match your search. Modern-day business.

Screen capture of zoho accounts help no results found

I still remember a time without the internet. I remember when people, published indexes, printed books and guides, and other analog sources of information was all that was available. It’s my belief the interwebs started becoming too smart for it’s… Continue Reading

Dangerous Public Sharing on Interwebs: Relationships Matter

In the age of George Orwell’s imagination, social media has become an ubiquitous part of modern life. At it’s best, sites like Facebook foster connections not otherwise possible just a few years decade ago.   At it’s worst, social media… Continue Reading

Medical establishment sentences uncle to lifelong servitude. Are you next?

It’s my uncle. Like many Americans on brink of retirement, he’s is just months away from medicare eligibility and currently without health insurance. He recently had heart attack, went into ER where they admitted him, placed a stint, then released… Continue Reading