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Submit Technical Notes, Research Papers, How-To Instructions

Do you have valuable content that might help someone else?  Specialty content that you wouldn’t mind sharing, from either you or deceased relatives authored, such as:

  • Technical Notes
  • Research Papers
  • How-To Instructions
  • Digital format, Word document, PDF, spreadsheet, etc.

Most people do not know how to properly monetize internet content.  They post on forums like Facebook or LinkedIn, and then Facebook and LinkedIn profits from their content. Then when someone searches Google for information on the topic, they’re often referred to other sites like those mentioned above, Wikipedia, or thousands of other places, or forums, that make money off your content.

I can help you index and turn those items into valuable internet content… and I’ll split all revenue generated from your content 50/50.

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Submit Blog Articles

We’ve been writing about all sorts of things over the past few years.  Looking to increase your own exposure? We accept submissions for guest blog posts for any of the following topics:

  • Health Issues
  • Homesteading
  • Photography
  • Philosophy
  • Outdoors, Hiking
  • Urban Exploration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ham Radio/Amateur Radio
  • Poems and Poetry
  • Travel Guides
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Service Reviews

Posts should be original and unique, be sure to disclose any financial relationships, self-promotion and paid links are not accepted, check all facts and list references.  Include photos only if you own the copyright. Check your own spelling and grammar.

It could be a few days, or a few weeks, before we publish your post.  We reserve right to edit any content, including but not limited to grammar, headlines, length or format.  We can reject content for any reason without explanation.

While self-promotion isn’t allowed, we will include a bio and backlink to your website.   If content is desirable, we might do some paid advertising on your post, too.

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