How we did it: No bill ever with Grid Tie Solar using Community Solar from Arcadia

13 solar panels on top of house

Did you just get your spiffy new grid-tie solar system activated?  New to grid-tie solar and watching your SolarEdge inverter statistics… daily, hourly, LOL?  Wondering when your first grid-tie electric bill will arrive?  Perhaps you got your first few electric… Continue Reading

1 Easy Setting: HOW TO FIX System Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working – Ctrl C, Ctrl V, etc. – Windows 10 New Lenovo Laptop

Windows 10 logo screen capture

How to Fix Microsoft Windows System Keyboard Shortcuts using just 1 setting: Open system CONTROL PANEL.  If it does not appear as shown below, make sure VIEW BY is set to SMALL ICONS or LARGE ICONS.  You could also try… Continue Reading