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Last spring – about eight months ago – we purchased a new General Electric refrigerator from Lowe’s.  It was a long overdue purchase, our refrigerator had came with the house. It had broken/cut door seals, made a lot of noise, and didn’t keep a consistent temperature.

General Electric (GE) products have always had a special place in my heart.  As a kid growing up, my mom, several uncles, and grandfather all worked for GE.  Several at their Nela Park facility in East Cleveland, Ohio.  I remember visiting my grandpa at work and getting to ride the freight elevators, or visit interesting mechanical rooms in the factory, or sub basements.  I got to see incandescent bulbs being manufactured, on the assembly line.  GE Nela Park had annual summer parties with a dunk tank, and the famous Christmas lights around the holidays that still go up to this day.  And when it was time to purchase almost any home appliance, telephone, alarm clock, boom box, it was off to the GE Company Store we went!

Fast forward almost forty years (yikes!), and it’s Lowe’s where we go shopping. But I still prefer GE Appliances.  And this latest purchase of a new refrigerator was GE.  Didn’t know it when we made the purchase, but we were about to be really impressed…

Lowe’s is the absolute best place for anything they sell – especially with the most awesome 10% Military Discount program I’ve found anywhere… it applies to nearly everything they sell, is open to virtually all active or honorably discharged Veterans and their spouses, without many exclusions. (Other stores use ‘military discount’ as a bait-and-switch offer, applying only on a few specific days each year, or only for active, disabled or retired veterans, or exclude many products.)

Lowe’s had a great spring sale, and we picked up a brand new GE Counter-Depth refrigerator, with freezer on the bottom.  Always wanted one of these models.  Lowe’s delivered it, and it worked flawlessly for about eight months.  Then we had an unusual late fall lightning storm.  It was a Saturday night.  A few very strong lightning flashes, so close you could almost feel it – even when sitting inside, and poof, our new GE fridge was acting funny.

What was our eight month old GE refrigerator doing?  It was making a click, as if trying to start the compressor, making some noise for about ten seconds, then another click and it went silent.  It cycled through this about every five to ten minutes, all the while the internal fan continued to run.  It did this for about eight hours, and it stopped cooling.  Everything was getting warm.  I decided to unplug the fridge and call for service – it was still under warranty.  This is where GE Appliance Repair started to get impressive…

I googled GE warranty service.  To my surprise, even on the weekend, I was able to schedule my own service call right online!  The GE warranty repair registration and scheduling procedure went smoothly without any hiccups, and my service call was scheduled for a just few days later.

The day before our service call, the technician called me to verify information.  On the day of service, I received a phone call, and SMS/text message notifications when the repair guy was on his way.  I was even able to track the technician on GE Appliance Repair website… literally, with a real-time map, just like Uber.  The technician, Mark, arrived on-time, and had the repair completed within about fifteen minutes.  I don’t know the part number, but it was the compressor relay.

5 stars

I was really impressed by the service, and we’re so glad we bought another GE appliance!  Mark and GE Appliance Repair gets a 5-star review from us. Highly recommended.



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