Review: Wuloo Solar Driveway Wireless Motion Detector, Alert Sensor Alarm

Unboxing the Wuloo driveway alarm

Not long ago, there were only a few options for low cost consumer driveway alerts: Chamberlain Driveway Alert or Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm.  We’ve had a Chamberlain for years.  It’s not often, but at least a few times a year, we need to replace the batteries in the Chamberlain.  I was thinking of getting a second sensor for different location, too.  When browsing our favorite for an add-on detector, I ran across the Wuloo Solar Driveway Alarm System.

Wuloo seems to have several different models.  The model I chose allows up to eight different sensors, and lets you choose between thirty-six different alert tones.  Other features include an volume control, mute, clock, and alarm.

The Wuloo Driveway Alarm Unboxing

It was well packaged and even came with a small screwdriver in case you don’t have one.  Each component was packed appropriately, and protective plastic was on the displays.  Instructions are included.

Here is a scanned copy of the Wuloo Driveway Alarm Manual, and the Wuloo Driveway Alarm Quick Start.

Read the instructions: Initial Charging Required

Even though the sensors are solar powered, they contain rechargeable batteries.  From the factory, they’re only partially charged.  The same charger that powers the base unit will plug into the bottom of the sensors.

Things we like about the Wuloo Solar Driveway Alarm

  • Nice quality.  When handling, it feels like equipment is made of good quality plastics and materials, not some cheap junk that seems like it would just fall apart.
  • Wuloo Driveway Alarm Charger Cord, plugSensitivity setting.  It’s possible to set four different levels and distances of sensitivity.  Our previous detector was sometimes way too sensitive.  A small bird would set off the alert, or even some leaves that were heated up in the winter sun.
  • Solar charging.  Once charged the first time, the small solar cell should keep it charged up for up to two years.  This will eliminate to change the batteries all the time.
  • Different alerts.  Alternate sound notifications can be selected for each of the different sensors.  It’s nice to be able to pick a nice, pleasant sound, instead of a harsh ‘beep beep’.  Here’s all the sounds you can make, listen to all of the Wuloo Solar Driveway Alarm Sounds:


Things we’d change on the Wuloo Solar Driveway Alarm

  • Less intrusive notification sounds.  It would be great to have an option for alert sounds that would blend into the environment more.  Something like a cricket, or a water dropping into puddle, a ‘click’ sound, a mellow ‘wing flutter’ sound, or other such calming noises.  It would be nice to have sound you could hear well, but if someone didn’t know what it was, they wouldn’t notice it.
  • Front wuloo driveway alarm, black magic marker over logoBig white ‘Wuloo’ logo on front of sensors.  While I’m all for promoting the company who brought us the product, I don’t like the big logo on the front of the sensors.  I didn’t like it so much, I used a black magic marker to cover over it.  If the marker wears off, I might tape it off and paint it.  The ultra security conscious might think the brand name itself could be a security risk …it would allow intruders to find configuration instructions and turn off or modify the settings of the unit more easily… but this wouldn’t be a concern for many people.

Great response from Wuloo Customer Service

Before purchasing the Wuloo Driveway Alert, I wondered if it was possible to use multiple base station units.  This way I could put one in the garage or basement, and one in our living room.

With many Amazon sellers, trying to reach them, let alone receive a meaningful reply, was nearly impossible.  Not with Wuloo.  I messaged them through Amazon, and in less than twenty-four hours, I received an answer to my question…

Support said YES, multiple base-stations can be used in different locations to provide alerts from the same sensors.  (But you do need to reprogram/pair the units to the second base station.)

Installation and performance

Over time, we’ll be updating this blog post as we install and continue to use the system.  I’ll post about ease of installation, pairing new sensors, how long the battery lasts, sensitivity and operation.

For now, this system earns our FIVE-STAR review!  The Wuloo is the best driveway alert system for the price, a great value.

5 stars

Where to buy the Wuloo

Wuloo has an official website at  They also sell doorbell intercoms, household intercoms, in addition to the driveway alarms.

We purchased ours from Wuloo Solar Driveway Alarm System.  It came with Amazon’s excellent customer service and delivery, it arrived in just a few days with Prime.


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