Chart: Compare Therapy Dog Certification Programs and review of Fees, Training, Testing and Insurance

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Updated post, originally published 10/13/2019. Many different Therapy Dog programs have been developed over the past four decades.  Many handlers and clients alike are interested in the programs specifically for insurance coverage. Background checks and training are also offered by some organizations.  Maintaining membership in a Therapy Animal organization is one of the best ways to get insurance coverage for your Therapy Animal at a low cost, and reduce liability by being active in an ongoing program.

Which Therapy Dog Certification and Insurance Program is best for me?

There are many differences between individual Therapy Animal certification organizations. Each Therapy Handler/Animal team will have different requirements, training, testing, fees, and will meet different needs.  The value of each item is different for each Therapy Animal team.  It’s important to review your personal needs and pick the organization that offers the best match for you.  Many do not allow participation in more than one organization.

I’d think it’s best to check what is most widely accepted, and offers most active testing and support, in your area.  It’s different in different geographic areas.

Where did this list of Therapy Dog Programs come from?

I chose the NATIONAL providers based on listings at shown at AKC’s Therapy Dog Program. (There are dozens of other local programs throughout the country that are not listed, and certainly worth taking a look at.) Information was obtained by conducting a Google search of each organization, and obtaining from publicly accessible documents. I am not affiliated with AKC, or any of the programs listed. This information is as retrieved on date in spreadsheet, and subject to change.  Be sure you check directly with organizations to verify most current data.  If you are one of the organizations listed and have information to update this chart, please let me know.

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