Review: Buying Mitsubishi mini-split from licensed HVAC dealer Hendersonville NC

Best Mitsubishi mini-split HVAC dealer in Henderson County and Asheville

We finally did it… had our minisplit heating and air conditioning system installed.  It was an adventure, but with the help of the Best Mitsubishi dealer in Western North Carolina, N&M Heating and Cooling, we got it done.

I wrote about beginning the process of buying a mini-split HVAC a few months ago.  It started with a quote from a Mitsubishi ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealer.  It wasn’t a good experience. Then I contacted Mitsubishi directly, and several more ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealers called me.  It didn’t get much better.  I got 5 quotes all together:  1 from a company I heard about on the radio, 1 by referral from a friend, 1 from a facebook ad, and 2 directly from Mitsubishi Comfort. (Two other dealers were contacted, but both were no-show, after about a half dozen phone calls and notifications. Won’t even mention them here.)

Requirements were pretty clear. The room size and home info is all in my last post. We needed 2 zone hyper-heat, and would like recessed-ceiling head units, rather than hang-on-the-wall.  I was looking for a quote with itemized parts and labor, and a clearly defined project completion date.

Recommended Mini-Split sizes were all comparable, but a few estimates stood out.

The first ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealer, Horizon Heat & Air of Hendersonville, emailed:

“after doing some calculations I have determined a two zone mini split system will not cover the heating loads.”

Seems pretty ridiculous to me, definitely untrustworthy, perhaps offensive. Do people fall for these scams?

Two more ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealers said recessed ceiling equipment was not available in HyperHeat. One ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealer specified two completely separate, independent systems!  Another ‘Diamond dealer’ – who was referred directly by Mitsubishi Comfort – suggested another brand, Daiken, because Mitsubishi was backordered and it could be months before Mitsubishi would be available. says it’s “A 50 percent – 50 percent joint venture between Trane Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc…”  Wonder if Mitsubishi is aware of this disingenuous sales practice by ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealers, saying their products won’t work, take too long to get. Seems like a scam to me.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split HVAC quotes I received in Hendersonville, NC

It seems best to avoid Mitsubishi ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealers.

If they don’t have time to call you back, or offer honest quotes and accurate information, if they can’t be kind and respectful, then business is too good for their britches.

The truth is Mitsubishi Comfort and most of their ‘Diamond Contractor Preferred’ dealers we contacted aught to be ashamed of themselves.  But it also seems there’s enough suckers out there, that these practices continue to be tolerated.

I’ve found contractors who advertise on Craigslist or Facebook, as long as they’re licensed and insured, are generally more reliable and offer better prices and service than big dealers who have too much business for anyones good.

After just about giving up hope… that’s when I found N&M Heating and Cooling in Hendersonville.

Best HVAC dealer in Western North Carolina

Only 1 company fulfilled all my requests, provided what I asked for, offered fair pricing. We got a detailed quote, with equipment and labor separated. We got hyper heat. It was installed on-time, powered up, and it just worked. Correctly. There were no hidden costs or surprises.  N&M Heating & Cooling owned by Army Veteran Mick Sleik is who did it.

N&M worked well by email, returned calls, txt’d updates. They even showed up on time the day of appointment – that’s almost NEVER happened where we live, up in a mountain.  We’re so happy to have found the Best HVAC company in Western North Carolina.

So how does the Mitsubishi Comfort Minisplit HVAC system work?

We just turned it on about a day ago.  While we’ve used mini-split systems in the past, the Mitsubishi is a new experience for us.  I’ll post an update with detailed review on the system itself.  Going from 95% wood heat to a modern mini-split system will have it’s adjustments.

So far, the Mitsubishi Comfort MiniSplit heat pump is awesome!  It takes some getting used to, but in a good way.  After five years of being accustomed to sleeping around 50° then waking up and waiting at least an hour for the wood stove to warm up (or refilling every 4 to 6 hours throughout the night), it’s awesome to have a thermostat again!  Honestly, I don’t know what I’ll do with all this new found time, no more days and days of bucking, splitting, stacking, moving, stacking, moving, stacking, loading, no more ‘wood season’.

Call N&M Heating and Cooling for your HVAC in Henderson County, North Carolina

Call Mick Sleik now at (828) 489-1308 for a quote. He’s licensed & insured.


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