Free Covid anti-body testing, appointments available or drop-in, no waiting!

Picture of IV inserted while donating blood

Why donate blood now, free Covid antibody testing

My family always donated blood. My mom, uncle, and grandparents donated regularly, were in the ‘gallon club’. Besides my fear of needles, I never thought much about it until a neighbor mentioned donating blood.  Then covid came along.

I had been thinking of donating blood for awhile. Once I found out they did free Covid antibody testing, I finally did it.  I went to the Blood Connection in the Asheville area, but most places anywhere in the United States will offer the same tests. That was last summer, and I’ve been donating as often as eligible ever since then.  Now I’ve been three times to the Blood Connection in Asheville, once in Hendersonville.

Not only free Covid antibody testing when you donate blood

They do a mini-physical and check your blood pressure, pulse, hemoglobin level, blood type, HIV, and a bunch of other stuff. If I find out what, I’ll update this post.

Okay…okay… I know Covid-19 antibody testing doesn’t really mean much.  It does not tell you if you have Covid.  I don’t even think it can tell if you had Covid.  But it could be an indicator of whether you have been exposed to Covid-19. It’s something I would rather know than not. If nothing else, maybe you’ll donate some blood, that’s never a bad thing.

Give blood: Fast, friendly staff, rewards points and free gift cards

From my first experience on, The Blood Connection was great.  When I make an appointment, they were always ready. And when I was a walk in, sadly, they could usually take me right away.  They should be more busy!!   They give rewards points each time you donate, and when they’re really desperate for blood donations, they give you extra gift cards on the spot when you donate.  (Today I got a $10 Chick-fil-A gift card, and my regular rewards points.)  The Blood Connection staff has always been welcoming, friendly, and talented.

It’s not just a saying, you really can save a life by donating blood.

Even if you’ve never done it, consider donating blood today.  You’ll get your Covid-19 anti-body test FREE, you will help someone in need, and you could even save a life.  I went to The Blood Connection, here’s their info:

The Blood Connection    Facebook

But there are places all around the country where you can give blood.  Look up your own place and go today.  I’d think they mostly all do Covid-19 antibody testing.


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