Radiation Alert! My RadexONE radiation detector showing 16.8 uSv/hr. Normal is 0.05 uSv/hr to 0.25 uSv/hr.

Radex ONE showing 15.0 µSv/hr.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Finally got my GQ GMC-500+ online and hooked up to the wifi.  Current radiation survey reading is now shown in a widget in on the right –> of this website.  After scouring GQ Electronics forums, I ran across this post.  The guy wrote a small PHP app that properly formats the data from GMCMAP.

If you want to buy any of GQ’s products, here’s a link to the same wifi-enabled GQ GMC-500+ radiation detector.  And here’s a link to the GQ Electronics Radiation Detector Store.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

As of today, haven’t received any work back from Quarta-Rad.  No reply to our Facebook post, no reply to our private message.  I will update if they reply.

It’s been confirmed the Radex ONE radiation detector is malfunctioning.  I just bought a GQ GMC-500+ Radiation detector, and levels are normal.  The Radex ONE is still displaying ridiculously high levels.  I will follow up with another post on the GQ dosimeter soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 ~10:00 AM EDT

So… I’ve had this Radex ONE radiation detector since March 2018, sitting on the bookshelf. I look every once in awhile, change the battery every month or so. It’s usually around 0.05 µSv/hr to 0.25 µSv/hr. I’ll take a quick picture every month or so.  Today, it registered 4.12 µSv/hr.  Then 15.0.  Now 16.8 and rising.

Radex ONE Radiation Detector displaying 4.12 uSv/hr

It never did this before. (Except when I took it on an airplane flight a few years ago.) While certainly not a dangerous level, it could indicate additional radioactive materials in the atmosphere.

I changed the battery and hope it was a fluke. But after changing the battery, it increased even further, going above 16.8 µSv/hr.  And still rising. Converted, this is only .00168 REM/hr, still low, but definitely higher anyone should be for more than a short time, and higher than the normal .00001.

If this isn’t a fluke or equipment malfunction, consider this your early warning, before you see it on the news… We live in unusual and volatile times, enjoy your moments.  Prepare yourself by expecting anything, be surprised at nothing.

I tagged and contacted the manufacturer on Facebook and hope they reply with thoughts.  I tend to think it’s an equipment malfunction, and I’ll post an update when I find out!

Here’s where I bought it from on Amazon.com: RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety, High Sensitivity Compact Personal Dosimeter, Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector w/Software (U.S. Version)


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