Review: Asheville’s Best Asian Food Market, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese Grocery

Huge selection of Japanese sauces

We’ve lived in Asheville area for going on six years.  There has always been a small handful of Asian grocers in the area.  That doesn’t mean finding a large variety of fresh, unexpired, organic, healthy Asian food has been easy.  Before we moved to Asheville, we lived in a major city up north.  We always had a few options of very large Asian supermarkets with huge selection of super fresh groceries.  Until recently, Asheville as been a virtual Asian food desert… until we discovered YZ Asian Market at 22 New Leicester Highway in Asheville.

Fresh, unexpired Asian foods

Concord Farms Enoki Mushrooms

In a market small as Asheville, all Asian grocers seem to struggle to maintain both a variety, but also fresh, foods.  There simply don’t seem to be that many people after some specialty items.  This means either products are expired, or simply unavailable.  Not at YZ Asian Market.  Absolutely HUGE variety… they even had FRESH Enoki Mushrooms from Concord Farms of California… we often didn’t even find that in the big city!

Huge variety of natural, organic, MSG-free options

Healthy Asian sauce, natural with no MSG, no artificial ingredients

The selection of organic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and other Asian staples is simply amazing. Even in a major city, much larger than Asheville, finding an Asian supermarket with organic options has been challenging. Monosodium glutamate always seemed synonymous with Asian food.  YZ Asian Market has us covered!

Over 3 dozen freezers full of Asian foods

Over 3 dozen freezers for Asheville Asian food

It’s hard to convey the enormous selection of foods at YZ Asian Market.  It’s incredible.  I started counting a few times during our forty five minute visit.  I could be wrong, but I seemed to count over 3 dozen freezers.  After closer inspection, I was pretty surprised it all seemed fresh.  They’ve got to be there, but we didn’t find a single expired product.

Maeda-en Green Tea Ice Cream - Party SizeLest us not forget my adored green tea ice cream.  Where we moved from, there were about a half dozen Asian grocers.  Only one had large size green tea ice cream.  YZ Asian Market has me covered… “half gallon” of the best Green Tea ice cream from Maeda-en!

Where to find best Asian grocer in Asheville

Even if you’re in Spartenburg, Greenville, or anyplace nearby, YZ Asian grocery is worth the drive.

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YZ Asian Market
22 New Leicester Highway, Asheville, NC 28806
+1 828-785-1653

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