Review: Skyrunner for fast, reliable and secure internet

The Max installing a Skyrunner WISP client radio/antenna

We live on an undisclosed secluded mountain ridge in Western North Carolina.  It’s been about five years, and until a few months ago, our only internet was an AT&T hotspot.  With a repeater, we usually got 1 or 2 bars.  A little troublesome when trying to work from home.

Finding Fast Internet in Western North Carolina

Clear view to Bearwallow mountain

It’s not that we didn’t try to find high speed internet in the mountains.  Options are limited.  No DSL, no cable available.  Satellite internet is horrid.  We found a regional WISP that offered high speed service in the mountains, Skyrunner Internet.  We had Skyrunner Internet come out twice before, and they confirmed each time, there was no clear view to the antenna.

A few years had gone by, and a new neighbor – whose house also wouldn’t normally see their antenna – mentioned they just got Skyrunner.  We called Skyrunner in back.  Third time is a charm.  They have a new secret weapon: The Max.  Max is an arborist and will climb trees and install the antenna up higher.  I think it can be up to 300 feet away from the house.

The Max came out, and he climbed up our tree and installed a Skyrunner antenna.  That was a few months ago.

Show me the speed and reliability

Skyrunner Results

I was skeptical, but Skyrunner works absolutely awesome!  From the moment Max was finished, we’ve had normal ‘city’ internet, and my spousal unit loves that she got back her Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

I would highly recommend Skyrunner Internet for anyone in Asheville. When first installed, before we lowered our plan to fit our budget, we got 50+ gbps speed.  Outstanding.

How to sign up for high speed from Skyrunner Internet

Just call them up!  They’ll schedule a ‘survey visit’ to come look at your situation.  There is a small fee, but it’s well worth it.  Once they come out, they’ll be able to either install it, or give you a better estimate for install costs.

If you call them up after seeing this post, let them know the Virtual Lab Rats sent you. LOL     Phone +1 828-258-8562


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