Opinion: War drums beating, expect anything, be surprised of nothing.

Doomsday clock one miunte to midnight 11-11-2020

With our tumultuous world situation, including the pandemic, and the economic, political and social chaos, it’s not hard to believe big changes are on the horizon. And those who came before us have all but ensured our changes won’t be rosy.  Our changes won’t be two and a half children with a white picket fence, happily ever after.  I’m afraid it’ll be more like riots and food lines and death.

Experience matters

My grandfather retired from the US Army after more than twenty years of service.  He was in artillery and fought many battles in WWII and Korea.  I wish I would have listened to more of what he had to say.  In times like these, I wonder what his thoughts would be.

War plans brewing, war drums beating?

On this first week after the Presidential Election, the Trump administrations shuffling of cabinet level military leadership might lead one to question whether there’s more on the President’s agenda for the next few weeks until January 20, 2021.  Ohhh to be seventeen minutes before midnight again, if only the doomsday clock would be so kind.

Expect anything, be surprised of nothing

Expect anything and be surprised of nothing. Do not let your guard down. Now is the time for everyone to prepare ourselves physically and mentally. Anything could happen to anyone or everyone, at any time, just like the Romans, or the dinosaurs. Be prepared, mentally, for anything to happen.

Enjoy our moments, appreciate what is now

Most importantly, we need to enjoy our moments. More than ever. Listen to those around us, don’t just hear them. Pay attention to the beautiful sights, sounds, scents around us, and let the bad ones go by unnoticed. Life is becoming more fleeting. Enjoy your moments, every single one.



Grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, USA., previously lived in Phoenix, Arizona and Tampa, Florida areas, and recently co-located to Asheville, North Carolina area. Trained as an Army MP, but bit of a renegade career wise. Phil has owned successful businesses in insurance, private investigations, surety bail bond industries, and has experience in computer network engineering, hospitality advertising, asset recovery and repossession, and even a few years traveling most of the lower 48 states, Ontario and Northern Mexico as a commercial over the road truck driver. Career long entrepreneur, property investor and rental manager. Phil loves sharing his experiences of great food, travel, experiences and products.

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