Review: Secret rebates on Black Friday or anytime from hundreds of stores, Rakuten’s Ebates returned $1050 rebates

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I’ve been a loyal user of since April, 2002.  Over the past almost two decades, I’ve received over one thousand dollars in rebates.  I remember when I signed up, I thought it was a scam.  I’ve found out over and over: it’s no scam.

Discover secret rebates from hundreds of stores

You get extra savings.  This is over and above nearly all sales, Black Friday, Thanksgiving sales, Christmas sales, ANY sales.  You make the purchase directly on the website after clicking a referral link.  Then you get a cash back rebate, in addition to most any other sales or savings.

How does it work, how to get rebates on everything

Member since 4/25/2002 Lifetime cash back $1050Basically you visit the merchant sites by clicking a referral link on (previously  You can also load internet browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox or other browsers to automatically enter referral links as you shop on eligible sites.  Once you click the referral link, you’ll get a rebate in your Rakuten account within 24 hours or so.  It’s like using coupon codes or discount codes or promo codes, but applies to more products.  Once you earn a certain amount in rebates, they’ll send you payment through PayPal.

Sign up for Rakuten Ebates and get $40

What stores can I get rebates from?

There are literally hundreds of stores you can get rebates from.  Everday shopping rebates from…

Clothing stores like Macy’s, Belk, Nike, Levi’s, Gap

Travel sites like Expedia, TUMI, Samsonite

Health and beauty outlets like Ultra Beauty, Lancombe

Shoes like Steve Madden, Cole Haan, Toms, Michael Kors

Electronics and phone service from BestBuy, Verizon, Samsung, Lenovo

Home furnishings like Overstock, Walmart, Kohls

Automotive things from AutoZone, AdvanceAutoParts, JCWhitney, TireRack, DiscountTire

Pet Supplies like Petco, Petsmart, Chewy

Kids stuff from Disney, KiwiCo

Outdoors from LLBean, BackCountry, Adidas

How about in person, can I get rebates when shopping in stores?

Rakuten offers a few ways to save in stores.  You can now purchase Gift Cards at a discount, which include a rebate when you buy them.  You can also earn rebates at some stores in-person, in their brick and mortar stores.  I’ve never tried using Rakuten rebates this way, so I’m not sure exactly how it works.  Check their website for more info.

Sign up for Rakuten Ebates and get $40

No reason not to earn rebates on almost everything you buy major stores

There is no cost to join Rakuten.  In fact, for a limited time, you earn $40 just for signing up and using it once!  (If that offer expired, they always offer something to join…)  Sign up online, use it to make one purchase, and get yourself $40 plus the rebate.  And I will also get $40 (or whatever the current promotion that is running).

Here’s a link to get $40 bonus for signing up to get rebates

After signing up FREE using the link below, you must complete at least one purchase from ANY retailer through the Rakuten website referral links.  When you make a purchase, including all other offers and sale prices, you’ll get a rebate in addition to other savings.  There is literally no down side.  Here’s the link.

Sign up for Rakuten Ebates and get $40


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