Greenville, SC: Salon, Dog Park, Sherwin Williams, Camping World’s Giant Flag: Apophenia, Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, Quantum Synchronicity or just a Coincidence?

American Flag with blue sky and a few pretty clouds

Some of my posts just ramble… this is one of them.  A post about a simple day trip to Greenville, South Carolina.  And it was a great day!!

Most Awesome Hair Stylist in Greenville South Carolina

My spousal unit goes to the most awesome hair stylist in Greenville, SC.  She’s from Japan, and she loves her Japanese hair stylist.  (Non-Japanese people would love her styles, too! 🙂 Usually she drives alone, about an hour drive, but once in awhile I chauffeur her.  I take the dogs along.  We drop her off and then go play at the dog park, or walk around downtown Greer or Greenville, until she sends me a text message that she’s ready to go. Today, we did just that… loaded up our pups for a Greenville adventure


Gas Skimmers Make Folks Nervous

First, we fill up using a credit card at the Quality Plus Gas Station.  After filing up and looking for my receipt, I noticedGas station tampering maybe card skimming wires hanging out something fishy with the card reader/receipt printer.  Some funny wires were hanging out of the receipt printer, just to right of key pad and card reader.  I hope it wasn’t a credit card skimmer like they’ve been reporting on the news!  We love Quality Plus’s super low prices, I hope their security and maintenance teams are up to snuff.  At the very Quality Plus Gas Station - loose wires foundleast, they should certainly check out this pump.  We were in a rush, so didn’t have time to let them know.  Surely, we’re not the only ones to be suspicious of gas pump card skimming or surveillance devices.



Always something from home

While driving down, (with only 3 minutes to spare according to Waze, and I hate being late!) I noticed a Sherwin-Williams paint store.   Sherwin-Williams is a Cleveland, Ohio based company, where I’m from, and I always think about sending pictures of their stores around the country to a friend who works there, in Cleveland.  But that’s where it ends.  A thought.  I never do it, had never sent him picture of any Sherwin-Williams store.  Wait for it…

Super Pelham Mill Dog Park

Picture of gates entering Pelham Mill Dog Park with a bunch of signs showing hours, rules, etcSo we arrive and I drop my spousal unit at the salon.  Then the pups and I were planned to drop by a nearby dog park, just to take care of ‘business’, before heading to downtown Greenville. (Greenville South Carolina might be more dog friendly that Asheville! 😉  We’d been to this dog park before, it was vacant, empty, desolate… no other dogs, or people.  This time, it was such a pleasant visit, about a dozen dogs!! Two dogs and a mastiff at Pelham Mill dog parkHad such a great time, we never made it downtown before we were ready to pick up at the salon.  In fact, they were tired out and are now sleeping well.  It was Pelham Mill Dog Park at
2770 E Phillips Rd, Greer, South Carolina 29650 – nice, clean, safe place for our pups. (Brought back a memory, Pelham Range was a favorite at Ft. McClellan when I went through OSUT/Basic training over 20 years ago. LOL.)

Sherwin Williams Store in Greer, SC

Sherwin Williams Paint Store Greer SC Pelham Mill Dog ParkOn my ride back to the salon, “I’ll be ready in about a half hour” she messaged, I was stuck behind a garbage truck.  I hate being late.  But as I edged toward a right turn, I noticed a car making a left next to me, they had an interesting ‘heads up display’ mounted on their dashboard. (HUD was something like this, I think, but not exactly.)  I very hastily snapped a so quick picture, while stopped, of their car and dash – so I could figure out what the heck that was on their dash.  And so I got home… and… wow… look what is behind it!!!!!!! The Sherwin Williams store I had meant to take a picture of, but didn’t.  But did, by accident. I was astonished.  Wow.  Was it simple serendipity, completely random? Yes, probably so.

Most Awesome Gigantic American Flag at Camping World

Then we saw this huge American Flag – at the Camping World in Spartanburg, SC – while driving on the freeway. It was giant.  I don’t remember seeing a flag so large, anywhere, ever.  This picture of the doesn’t do it justice – at all.  When it was hanging without wind, from the freeway, it looked as if the tips were almost touching the RV’s in the parking lot, no kidding!!  As a Veteran, THANK YOU for having the tenacity to keep these flags up, THANK YOU Mark Lemonis for standing up for what is right. Mark Lemonis said “American Flag Won’t Come Under Any Circumstance” (Watch the video!). We’ll be back to take more pictures of Camping World’s ginormous flag.  Thanks for putting a nice end to a short afternoon trip to Greenville.

American Flag at Camping World In Henderson County NC

(By the way, did you look up Apophenia, Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, and Quantum Synchronicity yet? LOL… what do you think, is it real??)



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