Review: Best Doggy Day Care When Visiting Cleveland

Two dogs sitting at bar on chairs, big sign says K9 Cleveland, at entrance of dog kennel

It’s hard to trust a new dog sitter, kennel or doggy day care…  but K9 Cleveland makes visiting CLE with our furry family members so easy.  While many local dog care facilities have limited room and filled to capacity, K9 Cleveland had plenty of room in their seemingly 10000 square foot facility – with several indoor and outdoor play areas for large dogs and small puppies.  (I’m not sure of the actual floor space, it just seemed really big to us!)

Once a local, now visiting Cleveland

I grew up in Cleveland, and until recently, lived in the Tremont neighborhood for nearly two decades.  We still have friends, family, and business in CLE, and travel there often.  When traveling, we always have our dogs.  Sometimes it’s a little problematic to travel with dogs, business meetings, trade shows, there are plenty of places where dogs just can’t go. And even if you could sneak them in, your mutt will often find the situation uncomfortable or at the very least uninteresting… and can quickly become a big problem.  So, lets take them to doggy day care was my bright idea… 

Tourists and Travelers

Even though I’d been involved with local community for over a decade, and our dogs are pretty well known to other local doggy day cares, when in a pinch – they’ve left us high and dry…. saying they required periodic ‘evaluation’ appointments – booked weeks in advance – before being allowed in.  This is obviously not helpful when we’re only in Cleveland for a few days – sometimes less.  We used to leave the dogs in our locked car, running with the air conditioning (or heat) on, where they typically sleep away for an hour or so.  Until this year, when we found K9 Cleveland.

Veterinarian Owned

K9 Cleveland doesn’t just consult with veterinarians, one of their owners is one!  They’re located in a huge building that operated as many things over it’s history… I drove a taxicab about twenty years ago, and at one time, I remember this building being a local late night club in the flats. Who would’ve known we’d be taking our dogs there to hang out… nearly two decades later. There is so much room inside and out.

New clients welcome, even on short notice.

While they accept new visitors and clients without advance appointments, I think it’s possible your dog might be secluded to a crate if they don’t get along well with others.  The great thing is new clients are welcome.  But even K9 Cleveland’s ‘cages’ are cool, they’re like little hut or fort houses.  And they have someone on-site 24/7.

Pet Taxi and Transportation Available

K9 Cleveland boarding mentioned the ability to also offer pet-taxi services.  When visiting a Cleveland area hotel for business, K9 Cleveland can arrive at your hotel and pick up your pets for the day, or for your whole visit.  When you’re ready to go, they’ll bring your dog back to you.  What an awesome service – K9 Cleveland’s own pet taxi and dog transportation service!   We didn’t take them up on that, though, their location was so convenient.  K9 Cleveland is just off the W. 25th St. exit of Rt. 2 / Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, and was easy for us to get to from Downtown Cleveland, but also suburbs east like Beachwood or Euclid, south like Independence or Hudson, or west like Lakewood, Strongsville.

How to Find K9 Cleveland – CLE’s Best Dog and Cat Boarding Facility

When calling, tell them the Virtual Lab Rat sent you. LOL.  You can bet we’ll be at the Best Doggy Day Care When Visiting Cleveland next time.

K9 Cleveland – Top Pet Boarding and Doggy Day Care
2510 Elm St.
Cleveland, OH 44113

Tel. 216-970-2221

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