Top problem facing employers in 2021: Finding people who want to work.

Employee happy to be fired

All the government handouts are driving small business… out of business!

I’ve been in business for myself since 2000.  I’ve had lots of businesses, not all of them spectacularly successful, but none failed.  None went bankrupt or shut down owing anyone. I was lucky enough to sell a few for a small amount.

Since 2006, I’ve owned and operated a small business.  It’s just me and one assistant.  Unbelievably, even though much of the employment market is upended due to the Covid pandemic, we’re busier than we’ve been in a long time.

In today’s world, people relish unemployment.  Why wouldn’t they, they make more being unemployed!

Every few years we have a really busy spurt where it seems we need more help.  And I always attempt to hire people when that happens. But now, it seems people no longer want to work.  If eligible for unemployment from a prior employer, they literally make sometimes twice as much doing nothing, sitting at home collecting from the government dole.

Meanwhile, our business, which has so far accepted no government funding or subsidies, struggles to find a well paid remote worker.  We’ve offered up to $30/hour! We’ve tried multiple times to find someone, but it just seems life is so much easier to collect the check.

All this makes me wonder: should we shut our doors and just get on the government dole like everyone else?

Widespread problem: small businesses finding people to work

It’s not just our problem.  I speak with other small business owners every day, many say the same thing. It’s not that what we’re all looking for is difficult work.  Mostly telecommuting, remotely, on a computer. It’s not complex and doesn’t require much other than familiarity with a web browser, PDF forms, and basic email skills and conversational etiquette. And work ethic.  This is a widespread problem.

While it’s great our government is handing out trillions in cash to ‘help people’, it’s ruining our country and taking away the very premise of the American Dream: Hard work and integrity.  The government spending is driving our currency into the ground, and Venezuela-style inflation is only years away, if that.



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