Asheville’s 18th Annual Organicfest: Caricatures, Elderberry, and a Hard Sell before the best Korean BBQ

Caricature by Lillian Cotton of Cotton Studios

Looking for something to do, while on the way to the awesome Korea House, we stumbled upon Asheville’s 18th Annual Organicfest.  We discovered several great earth-friendly vendors, and some fun stuff, too.

We had family visiting from out of town, and there is little more exciting than a custom caricature of a group.  It makes an ordinary walk through another festival more memorable.  Lillian Cotton of Cotton Studios did an awesome job, what a great caricature of us!!  Lillian travels around the country going to different festivals, we’re sure glad she stopped in to Asheville. Hope she returns next year!

Picture of Darby Farms guy at Asheville 18th annual Organicfest in 2019.We discovered a local farm offering naturally foraged Elderberry Syrup from Darby Farms. We bought a few bottles of organic, naturally raised Elderberry Syrup with ginger, honey and cloves.  We just found out about Elderberry extract last year from our doctor, who suggested it could reduce the duration and severity ofPicture of 2 bottles of Elderberry Syrup colds and flu.  It seems to work. It’s really awesome to find locally sourced, natural product!!  We’re going to visit the farm and do some more writing on Elderberry and Darby Farms sometime this fall.

Of course I had to drop my name into a ‘free estimate’ box for new gutters… and ‘chance to win’ $5k free windows or something like that.  Couldn’t resist, we do need new gutters and windows. …only to be called a few days later by an aggressive sales guy from Paradise Home Improvement out of Fort Mill, SC. (I’d be sure to consider they’re paying members of BBB, and read ALL the reviews.) Not only would he not tell me a price per linear foot of gutters, he demanded my wife’s full name and said I should know ‘it was the law’. No thanks. Rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful from the first few words. I should’ve known better. I guess some folks fall for the hard sell – maybe Organicfest will screen their vendors sales practices better next year. Someone might be checking. LOL.

Picture of storefront sign above door says Korean House in English and also something in Korean LanguageAnd finally on to another of Asheville’s many Double Delicious℠ restaurants.  One of our favorites!! Visit Korean House Asheville for best Korean BBQ in WNC (review coming soon).  Did you know you can grill delicious beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables right at your own table, family style, with awesome seasoning, spices and tastes? IfPicture of tabletop grill in restaurant with Korean vegetables and sides BBQ you’ve never done genuine Korean BBQ at your private table grill, don’t miss Korea House at 122 College St, Asheville, NC, 28801.  Make reservations by calling first if you want to be sure a ‘grill table’ is available!  Check out their website for contact info


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