Help Wanted: All about McDonald’s Crazy Self Ordering Kiosk

Picture of mcdonalds self ordering kiosk with digital ad displayed that says "now hiring"

Stopped into McDonalds in Arden, NC the other day.  I had not been to any McD’s in awhile, just stopped in for a coffee.  (Why lie: it was a hot fudge ice cream sundae I was after.)

A kind gentlemen in front of me waived me forward, said he was still looking.  IPicture of mcdonalds self ordering kiosk with digital ad displayed that says "now hiring" was a little confused…. there only appeared to be one employee taking orders, at one register.

I proceeded to order the ice cream.  Unfortunately, they were out – ice cream machine wasn’t working.  I settled on an iced mocha.  As I was waiting for my coffee, I noticed these kiosks…

Seemed odd to me McDonalds Self-Ordering Kiosk displayed a big “Now Hiring” advertisement.  Who does McD’s and other corporations think will have money to buy their shit if nobody has jobs?  Did their corporate pencil pushers consider this calculation in their equation?

There’s not much to know about the self ordering kiosks… other than we’re essentially paying more for food, while still costing employees their jobs.  Great, McDonald’s is raising their minimum wage …. but hiring maybe 10% of the people. This is crazy.

It’s time to protest all this self service crap.  If you see a self service kiosk, just leave… go to Burger King or someplace with humans instead of automation.  Boycott McDonalds self ordering kiosks!!


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