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Picture of Nexgard Purple and Nexgard Blue, plus Revolution Plus for Green for cats

We’ve got two dog and two cat companions.  We like to give them medication for fleas, worms, heartworm.  Over the years, pet medicine costs have gotten higher and higher.

Many options for prescription pet medication

We always bought our medicine directly from our veterinarian.  In the last ten years, many other options have popped up online.  Even big names like Petsmart and Walmart have joined the growing list of dog and cat pharmacies.

A few things to keep in mind when ordering flea and worm medication off short

When ordering pet medications from an off-shore online pharmacy, the first thing we noticed was shipping speed.  Even rush shipping could be a few weeks.  In our experience with Sierra Pet Meds, it was generally about 10 to 14 days for delivery.

Upon receiving your order, don’t freak out when you open the box and see unfamiliar numbers on the boxes. Most of the world is based on the metric system.  But the medication color designators seem to be the same.  For instance, Nexgard RED is still for 60.1-121 lbs, but the packages will likely arrive with 25.1-50 kg label.  When I first opened the package, I didn’t realize they were kilogram and thought they sent the wrong products.  They didn’t… the products were all correct.

What veterinarian says about off short pet meds

Ever since my primary car doctor suggested buying Epipen from a Canadian pharmacy, we’ve considered off-shore medicine for our pets.  If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for our pets.  But proceed with caution: Our veterinarian advised against off-shore pet medication.  He suggested if medications were counterfeit or caused adverse reactions, there would be no recourse against the manufacturer.  So far, by ordering from a reputable source, we have not had any problems.

Off shore pet pharmacy saves big, half off

We’ve been ordering from Sierra Pet Meds since 2017. They ship from a few different locations around the world. We’ve received medication from Malaysia and Australia.  Shipping is only a few weeks, and we saved at least $1000 by going to this pharmacy.

as of 11/2020
Nextgard Chews for Dogs 24.1-60lbs (10.1-25kg) – PurpleNextgard Chews for Dogs 60.1-121lbs (25.1-50kg) – RedRevolution PLUS for Cats 11.1-22lbs (5.1-10kg) – Green (Click link below for extra 5% off)$9.13$10.00$11.00$11.92$12.49$17.67$12.12$13.29$18.36$19.17$19.58$20.37$19.42$19.83$20.37$19.42$19.83$20.37$20.91$21.08$19.33
  • The above pricing doesn’t include additional coupon codes, customer loyalty points programs, or other discounts.  Most have a free shipping offer.

Today, if we would pay full price for pet medications from any USA online retailer, it would cost over $100 per month. With, the cost is less than HALF!

Get an extra 5% off your entire pet pharmacy order

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