No more waiting room! WNC full service mobile vet saves us big & we get better service!

With our aging population, we expect more and more medical doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals to consider a mobile offices.  For veterinary service in Western North Carolina, wait no more, we already found a great option.  Your living room is now your waiting room…

We are not new to being consumers of mobile vet services.  Before we moved to the Asheville area, with 2 cats and 2 dogs, we had a few different mobile vets in Ohio.  Very convenient, but not always able to help with some common vet services.  They would arrive in a personal car or SUV, sometimes with an assistant, but typically could only handle the most routine and basic services like vaccines or blood work.

Recently adding a new canine family member puppy, we’re excited we discovered Dr. Matthew Pisani of Crossroads Mobile Veterinary Clinic based in Fletcher, NC.  Dr. Pisani isn’t just a mobile vet, he offers a complete traveling mobile vet clinic.  Where other mobile vets fall short, typically with anything requiring sedation, Dr. Pisani and his crew is ready.  He’s not just a veterinarian, he brings the entire clinic with him.  Dr. Pisani’s giant (seemingly 35′) professional mobile vet clinic includes faculties to handle most anything except overnight stays.  It only starts with routine check-ups and puppy care, but …wow… they do surgery and dental care, too.

Dr. Pisani has been very easy to reach by telephone and email. (Direct email access to your vet and other healthcare professionals is rare, but invaluable.)  He’s very knowledgable, caring, and his wife Tabitha Pisani, PharmD, vet assistant.  But it gets better… compared to our local ‘brick and mortar’ vet, Crossroads Mobile Veterinary Clinic prices have been about 15% less cost.  If you have 2 or more pets, like we do, you’ll see even more savings – it’s maybe 25% cheaper than an office-based vet. With 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 4 chickens, that’s a welcome savings and they add up!

If you live in Western North Carolina and see your vet prices skyrocketing, with less personal service, do yourself a favor and ring Dr. Pisani… review the best veterinarian in Western North Carolina.  Tell him Gus Pavarini sent you.  Who knows, the doctor might throw you a bone!  And if you try them out, post here and let us know what you think.

Dr. Matthew Pisani, Crossroads Mobile Veterinary Clinic, ​Phone +1 828-490-0344 Facebook



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