Review: Best Optometrist in WNC… Blue Ridge Eye Care, Dr. Craig M. Poole

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It’s been nearly a decade since my last eye exam.  As an infant and then small child, I had multiple surgeries to fix ‘lazy eye’.  Back then, Dr. Hiram H. Hardesty, MD, treated me.  He did a lot of research on my case, they took lots 5 starsof extra pictures so he could use it in his classes – he taught at a local university.  I was lucky, the surgeries worked great and people are rarely subjected to seeing my eye wandering… unless I’m really tired and maybe had a few drinks.  Since my reading vision seems to be getting worse and worse, I thought it would be a good idea to have a checkup.

My wife also wears glasses and needed a check-up, too.  But she was after some contact lenses.  I wore contact lenses once upon a time, maybe twenty years ago.  I remember sore eyes, constant battle trying to keep the ‘semi-disposable’ lenses clean, and I recommended against them.  However, a happy wife is a happy life, so I suppose she had to find out for herself.  If it’s been awhile since you looked into contact lenses, it might be a good time to check it out again.  I was surprised they now have daily disposable contact lenses.

My last optometrist visit, maybe in 2010 or so, was in Ohio.  Since we’ve moved to North Carolina, I’ve not been to any eye doctor.  I’m always reluctant to find new doctors, we never know what we’re going to get.  I’ve had some real doozie doctors.  We were so lucky to find Dr. Craig M. Poole of Blue Ridge Eye Care, definitely a keeper.

After doing some research on the interwebs, I found Dr. Poole was one of the top rated optometrists in Henderson County, North Carolina. We requested appointments right on Blue Ridge Eye Care’s website.  What a great website, let us pick our own appointment times, and staff promptly confirmed it by email.  This was surprising in itself, my experience in the past has been that many doctors offices aren’t the most responsive. But Dr. Poole’s staff was!  Upon arrival, we completed some paperwork, and with almost no wait at all, the doctor saw us right away. I was first, then my wife.  Facility seemed equipped with newest technology, staff was friendly and helpful, offices were well maintained and had great housekeeping.

Picture of strip mall showing several storefronts and parking spotsBoth my wife and I’s eye sight was almost the same as our existing glasses prescription.  There were some slight change since last time.  It was so nice the doctor gave us both written prescriptions without any hassle.  I’ve been to eye doctors in the past who try to keep the prescription from me, trying to do a hard-sell on their in-store eyeglasses.  Not at Blue Ridge Eye Care, though.  So nice, they just printed it out – I think without asking – when we checked out.  However, the doctor suggested if we’re doing okay with our existing prescription, it wouldn’t hurt us to keep using it.  My wife did get some contacts, and then rescheduled another appointment (at no charge!!) to change them.  She’s still trying them, the jury is still out.

We don’t have eyecare insurance.  But the rates were very reasonable.  The whole thing was such a wonderful experience.  We’d confidently recommend Dr. Poole and his practice, Blue Ridge Eye Care, to anyone who asked.  We’ll be back – but like all doctors – hopefully not too soon. haha.

If you go visit Dr. Poole because you read this blog post, let him know we sent you!

Blue Ridge Eye Care
176 Four Seasons Mall
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Tel. +1 828-698-3423

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