Medical establishment sentences uncle to lifelong servitude. Are you next?

It’s my uncle. Like many Americans on brink of retirement, he’s is just months away from medicare eligibility and currently without health insurance. He recently had heart attack, went into ER where they admitted him, placed a stint, then released him a few days later without any follow up appointment because cardiologist who treated him ‘doesn’t accept cash pay patients’. But it gets better…

Doctor (who wouldn’t offer follow up visit – “Hippocratic Oath?”) said he must take medication – at a cost of $600+ per month – for the rest of his life to prevent complications with the stint. It’s the only medication that works, there are no generics. The medication is manufactured by the same company who produces the stint.

Did they explain the lifelong impact and economics of this treatment to my uncle? Offer viable alternatives to him?  I’m not sure if many retirees can take a $600 per month hit for stint medication.  Now he might be forced to work after retired, until he dies, just to pay the company whose equipment is inside him for medication.  How is this not forced labor?

Something is definitely wrong with our healthcare system. This seems like some sort of extortion to me, collusion, racketeering.  Didn’t we make laws against this sort of thing, nearly 50 years ago, called RICO (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)? Good old fashioned thuggery in modern world if you ask me.


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