Henderson County’s Affordable Tree Service goes out on limb

Since being lucky enough to move to this place, we have seen the half dozen trees surrounding our home and knew they need professional attention.  We hear them howl, shake and bend as frequent wind storms blow through.  A few trees rotten from the inside, about 24″ across with 20″ being rotten! One with a 3″ wide groove where it had been struck by lightning.  Just last year, a neighbor had near deadly encounter with a tree of their own.

“Just call a tree company”, right?  It’s not so simple… After nearly three years living on this mountain ridge, we’ve discovered many service professionals are not the most excited about serving our location.  A dirt road with over two miles of sometimes steep terrain, and a half dozen gentle switchbacks, our location is less than ideal for heavy vehicles. After leaving pavement, it easily takes someone not accustomed to our road 15 minutes to navigate the almost 1000-ft climb to our house.

We first turned to AngiesList.com and BBB.org.  A few companies came out and offered quotes, but after agreeing to proceed, we never heard from them again.  Each repeatedly commented about the terrain and difficulty getting their equipment up to the house.  One top rated company had no business liability insurance, claimed to have their own “personal savings fund” to cover losses, and balked they were suspicious of anyone asking for proof of insurance to begin with.  (Always ask for proof of business liability insurance!)

So we turned to CraigsList.org.  We should have started there.  We discovered Michael ‘Grant’ Gordon at Affordable Tree Service.  He was responsive, reliable, affordable, and insured – even emailed us a Certificate of Insurance.  After calling Grant, he came out the same evening and offered a quote.  Three days later, and they were cutting trees.

I’ve seen a few tree service companies do work before.  They often lug around bucket trucks, and other large trucks to support their operations. But Affordable Tree Service only needed their saws and rigging – they skillfully scaled trees, sometimes impressively swinging from limb to limb at 100 feet in the air. Dropped one rotten tree hovering over our house with complete precision… within 5 feet of our well head.  Not just anyone could do what Affordable Tree Service does.  This is skill, not just big equipment.

Living within a mountaintop forest, we still have a lot of tree work to do.  At least we don’t need to be fearful of a tree blowing over on our house or cars every time we get 40+ mph winds.  We’ll be calling Grant again soon!

Call Affordable Tree Service, Michael ‘Grant’ Gordon, Hendersonville, NC +1 828-216-5323. www.facebook.com/affordabletreeservicehendersonville


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