Starbucks move over: HOW TO make money with best home espresso machine in 2023

Coffee shop ordering counter with menu sign on wall behind.

We’ve all been there. The six dollar, two-shot Grande. Or maybe we’ll go for the Venti for an extra buck or two, and the same two-shots.  Over the last few decades, there have been times when I’d be working a transportation job, like a semi-truck driver, taxicab, limousine, or Uber driver. I’ve done them all, and hit up the ‘bucks a few times a day. If I worked four or five days, at the time, that’s as much as $240 USD a month!

Things have changed and I now work from home. I’m happily married for closer to two decades than one. We used to also get coffee from a local coffee shop maybe twice a week. At average six dollars, for the both of us that’s about four store-made coffees a week.  Before any tips.  It was $1100+  annually.  When we realized it, we cut it in half, but still, it was over $550 a year.

Coronavirus forced alternatives

All the coffee shops were living fat and happy with our extravagant habit. We know lots of people drink a lot more take-out coffee than we ever did. But the fun and games were over for them when we discovered the Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine.

About two years ago, when the coronavirus pandemic hit and everyone was going wacky, we finally broke down and spent close to a thousand dollars on a coffee maker.  We’d joked about all the fancy shmansky people with their fancy shmansky espresso makers for years. It almost killed me clicking the BUY NOW button. But… that was two years ago…

Picture of Philips 3200 super automatic espresso machineFully super automatic latte

In looking around for home espresso machines, it seemed so complicated.  There were dozens to choose from. Lots of terms, fully automatic, super automatic, manual.  The machines that are basically push-button make it still seemed to be the most that’s available. But we were looking for a machine that would make coffee quick and require as little user-input as possible.

Some of the less automatic machines required user to grind and pack coffee beans to manually make each shot of espresso, then manually froth the milk.  Other machines would automate parts of the process, usually with a coffee bean reservoir, sometimes adding some automation to the milk frothing.

We wanted something easy to make the coffee. And we found it with the Philips 3200 with LatteToGo attachment.  It’s got reservoirs for water, milk and coffee beans.  The coffee beans holds maybe a week worth. The milk container can be stored in the fridge, but it needs refilled for every drink or two.

Using the Philips 3200 Coffee Machine

With this machine, only a few things are required-

  1. Coffee beans, make sure sufficiently filled
  2. Milk, attach reservoir and fill with milk
  3. Place your drinking cup, select your coffee and press start… that’s it!

Of course there are a few other maintenance steps, but they can be done on our free time, not when we’re in a rush to work:

  • Fill water reservoir every few days
  • Clean out coffee grounds and spill over tray every few days
  • Clean the machine insides about once a month
  • Run through automatic descaling/maintenance schedule every month or two
  • Oil the machine insides every few months

Make money drinking coffee at home

coffee mug with one hundred dollar bill under it

My grandfather always said a penny saved is a penny earned.  We now make all our espresso on our Philips 3200.  It’s been over two years now.  Seems we saved about $1400 from buying out all this time.  After deducting about cost of the $800 machine, seems we’ve profited $600 so far.  And this number will only grow as time goes on.  The machine has already paid for itself.  If we base on grandpa’s old adage, we’ve made $1400 so far!

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