Best flight: Allegiant Air from Asheville to Key West is awesome

Allegiant Air Plane on Runway ready to board with outdoor walkway

It’s been awhile since we’ve been to the beach.  We flew with Allegiant direct from Asheville to Key West.  It was great!

At the time of our trip, Google reviews had Allegiant at only 3.1 stars. I was so curious to see why the low score.  We’ve flown other discount airlines, like Tiger Air in Asia, so we had something to compare it with.

Allegiant Air Isle Asheville to Key West FlightCheck-in was pretty much the same as other airlines like American and Delta. On our outbound trip, we checked in online and printed boarding passes at home. I have had my phone tank on me while boarding once, so I try to get a paper boarding pass. Returning, we used the app. I did take a ‘screen shot’ of the boarding pass so it was stored in my photos, though, rather than rely on the app.  Both ways worked well and as expected with no hiccups.

It was the same plane and flight crew both ways.  Plane was clean inside and out.  The isle seemed much wider than any other plane I remember.  The seats didn’t seem to recline, but the flight was short and I’ve never been much of a seat recliner anyway.  They had 4 flight attendants, which might have been 1 more than needed, so cabin drink and snack service was good.  When someone rang for service, crew nearly instantly responded.

Walking across runway to the plane, boarding outdoors with carry on suitcaseWe were about 25 minutes early on our return flight.  We landed early, but the previous flight was still at the gate so we had to wait in the taxiway. But the flight still got us to the gate and was pretty much on-time.

We were so impressed by Allegiant Air, we’re already planning our next trip.  Will see another beach again soon… Allegiant Air is the best way to travel from Asheville to Key West!



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