Lots of antique stores in Asheville, Screen Door is a new (to us) favorite

It was the end of a long summer day running errands and grocery shopping.  We took short cut to avoid infamous AVL rush hour traffic snafoos and ran across a great antique shop – Screen Door.  We meant to stop at another favorite place of ours but it just got too late in the day.

Having been around the Asheville area for several years now, we’ve been to many of the local antique shops.  Some are like thrift stores, others cater to high end products.  A few aren’t high end… but they have high prices.  In all fairness, we understand it’s tourists many cater to, not antique collectors.

Screen Door describes themselves as “home, antiques, garden,” and the description is appropriate.  Like many antique stores, they seem to rent booths to various antique dealers. But Screen Door was different… it was more than an antique store.

As they indicate, they have home and garden products, too.  But this wasn’t just old junk, they had quite a bit of unique industrial antiques, artwork, a book store, and other stuff too.  We found a really awesome outdoor garden spinner, an old steel wagon wheel, an old steel and wood pulley wheel, and a ship porthole mirror.  All were exactly what we had been looking for …at great prices…(So often we find things that just seem way over priced, and end up leaving them behind – not at Screen Door!) with exception of the porthole mirror.  That was an accident.

Steel garden spinner was the first thing we saw, outside as we approached the store.  It was made of steel, appeared maybe a local artist might have made it.  I wasn’t sure it would spin without significant wind, it looked as if the pedals were too small and heavy… but I was wrong!  It spins perfectly – here’s a short clip on YouTube of this steel garden spinner in action.  It’s a focal point of our hugelkultur garden, and will surely scare off animals attempting to scavenge our vegetables!

We’d been looking for antique wheels for awhile, but other stores were outrageously priced or too small or too large.  At Screen Door, we found both an antique steel wheel and an old steel and wood pulley wheel – both in great condition and priced great.  And the ship porthole mirror just looked too cool and was too good price to pass up – we’d seen similar items at other local antique stores for twice the money.

Screen Door is new on our ‘must see’ list to take visitors antique shopping, but we’ll also be shopping ourselves.

Screen Door, 115 Fairview Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, Tel +1-828-277-3667 FB www.screendoorasheville.com



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