How to Use Microwave Egg Maker – Instructions for Chef Buddy

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Looking for a solution to whip up some morning eggs in a jiffy, we found the Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 Microwave Egg Maker on Amazon.  Arrived promptly, but without a retail box or packaging.  It arrived in sealed clear plastic packaging bag without instructions.  Here’s what worked for us, use at your own risk, LOL:

Instructions for Microwave Egg Maker – Chef Buddy 82-Y3496

  1. Crack two eggs into clean Chef Buddy; Some like to coat with butter or oil, but even when I didn’t, egg didn’t to stick to egg maker. You could add either for flavor purposes.
  2. For or SCRAMBLED EGGS, mix egg yolk with fork, or For POACHED EGG, break egg yolk but leave rest intact; Always break yolk to avoid a messy explosion inside your microwave!
  3. Securely close lid;
  4. Microwave for one (1) to one and a half (1½) minutes;
  5. When finished, careful removing because it’s very hot!

Can you really make scrambled eggs in the microwave?

YES – and microwave eggs are delicious!  I wasn’t sure how it would work, or if it would taste like some lifeless cardboard.  But it was actually an awesome cooked egg.  I often prefer scrambled eggs, because I can put other ingredients like some cheese or chopped onions into them, like an omelet.  Or poached eggs… some people might not be familiar with poached egg.  It looks similar and shaped like a fried egg, but it’s steamed.  They say poached eggs are best way to achieve a natural egg flavor without additives like butter or oil.  Either way, scrambled or poached, the eggs came out great.  

Video of Making Microwave Eggs

Link to Video of Making Microwave Eggs

Our Review of Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 Microwave Egg Maker

★★★★★   5-stars

The Chef Buddy was an awesome find.  Skeptical, we just ordered one to try it out.  We looked at dozens of microwave egg makers on Amazon.  It’s hard to find good products with all the internet trolls and fake reviews.  Other products looked difficult to clean, or complicated to use – this one seemed to be neither.  Our Chef buddy Micro Egg Maker is made of good quality plastics, good construction, easy to use, and doesn’t stick.  Now that we found it works great, we’ll be ordering a few more!

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