Bucket List Adventure: Riding the Waves with Spirit of the West in Grand Cayman

3 horses tied up to tree on beach on Grand Caymen Island


So, we’ve been beach hopping from Florida to the Virgin Islands, even cruised the sandy coasts of Mexico and Belize – you name it, we’ve done it. We’ve also saddled up on trails through the Blue Ridge Mountains, kicked up dust in Arizona, but nothing, and we mean nothing, quite matches the wild ride we stumbled upon at Spirit of the West in the Grand Cayman Islands.

A Chill Mid-Morning Meetup:

Our day kicked off with the sun already high up at Barker’s National Park. Jordan, the spirited guide from Spirit of the West, rolls in with a trailer full of ready-to-rock horses. We’re amped up, load up, and hit the trail, ready for a cruise along the beautiful north coast of the island along the beach.

Horses in trailerCowboy Vibes to Bareback Bliss:

First things first, we’re feeling all cowboy-ish, saddled up as we cruise along the ocean’s edge. The rhythmic hoof beats on the sand add a jam to the breathtaking scenery. But hold up, the real magic happens when our four-legged buddies start eyeing the sea.

As the horses dip their hooves into the water, we slide off like pros, and Jordan works his magic, unsaddling these majestic creatures. Now, we’re talking bareback – riding these ocean-loving horses, gliding through shallow waters, and sometimes they’re swimming in the deeper spots. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt on a horse, riding while they swim, trust us.

Horses swimming in ocean with peopleAn Epic Time:

Imagine being on a horse while it’s doing the doggy paddle – that’s what we’re talking about! Most of the journey is a chill walk, but those short swimming bursts in deeper waters are pure thrill. The cool ocean breeze, rhythmic horse moves – it’s amazing.

Pro Tip: Bring Some Horse Snacks

If riding a horse bareback in the ocean isn’t on your bucket list, it’s time to pencil it in. The vibe, the connection with the horses, and the whole picturesque setup make it an adventure worth checking off. And here’s a tip – bring some apples for the horses. It’s like a snack party by the sea, and the horses will love you forever.

Feeding horse a cut apple from your handConclusion:

Grand Cayman has its thing – snorkeling and diving, stingrays, huge turtles, crystal caves, you name it. But our day with Spirit of the West is the standout, the one you will write home about. Forget the rest; this bareback ocean ride with a side of apples is the real deal and worth the trip alone. Everything else is a bonus. So, if you’re up for an adventure that’s a notch above the usual beachy scene, hit up Spirit of the West in the Grand Cayman Islands. You’ll be thanking us later.

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