Failed 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Pickup Starter and a fun evening with OnStar

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Rusty Starter Motor

A few months ago, we took part in some of the best dog training in Asheville.  It was with the Obedience Club of Asheville, an AKC affiliated club, at the Fairview Community Center.  They mentioned a membership meeting would be held at A Good Dogs Life, this past Sunday.  I thought it would be a quick meeting, arrive by 3pm, leave by 4pm.  But I was wrong.

Moment of Discovery

The dog club meeting was over about 4pm.  Before this stop, I turned off and restarted the truck several times.  We stopped at the dog park, stopped for gas.  But when I tried to start the truck this time, it didn’t start.  Seemed like full power – but no clicking, no familiar sound of engine starter failing.  I tried a few things, called a few numbers in my cell phone for tow trucks – like my great American Express Rescue line, which no longer offered roadside assistance.

Reaching Help

Although not a subscriber, I tried to call OnStar.  I was surprised, but they helped me! And even gave me 3 months FREE trial, including todays call for help.  Unfortunately, since it was an engine no-start, they insisted I first try to have a jump-start – without a tow truck.  I waited until about 5:30pm, then the jump-start guy came and left.  But the jump isn’t what it needed.  It didn’t work, and I was still stuck.

Called back OnStar again.  This time, I was disconnected a few times, but finally got through.  The representative was unable to find my account and I had to read my VIN number.  Then he connected me to Chevy Roadside Assistance.  Said they sent a tow truck, and it would be up to 75 minutes, and that I would receive a text message.  No message ever received, so I called them back about a half hour later.  They provided service provider #.  Service provider said they cancelled order, their trucks can’t tow a 2500 pickup truck.

Called back Onstar a 3rd time (not including unintended disconnects). Again, they said they’d get another provider out.  It wasn’t until about 7:45PM that Davis Automotive & Towing arrived.  Truck load up and on the way by 8:15PM or so.

Final Destination

We live up a dirt mountain road.  I wasn’t really 100% sure what was wrong with the car, so I was planning on having it dropped at a mechanic.  But discussing the problem with DJ, the flatbed truck driver, he was 99% sure what I described was simply a starter.  That was a little weird to me – I’m not a mechanic, but I thought a bad starter would typically make clicking sound, or at least would start if you were hitting it with a rock. (Or a hammer, if you had one LOL)  It didn’t.  But DJ convinced me to try fixing this myself.  It was great advice, and he saved me at least a few hundred in diagnosis and labor alone.  So he dropped me, my car, and my two dogs at home, up in the mountain.  I’ve written about tow services before

Expert Advice, Priceless

Of course where do I go for advice on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, but a Porsche enthusiast.  My friend Andy has a lot of mechanic experience and even worked for a major manufacturer of car and brake parts.  He offered a few extra things to check – like the connections to the starter, being free of corrosion or breaks.  I tried jumping the relay, which made a few small sparks to indicate power but didn’t make it work.  Finally, I tried tapping the starter again with a hammer.  Still didn’t work, and it was rusty, so I accidentally put a small hole in the side.  Sorry… this one can’t be rebuilt… off to the auto parts store I went.

Picked up a new starter (they were out of the rebuilts) at AutoZone.  I was going to order online, but they matched the same 20% coupon, so I was able to get it right away.  Went home and put it in.  Walla.  Truck is alive again.

Highly Recommended

Although it was a bit of a runaround, it was nice OnStar helped me – even when I wasn’t a subscriber (on this vehicle).  It was also great to run across Davis Automotive & Towing, and DJ.  If you’re looking for Flatbed Towing Service in Asheville or Buncombe County, I’d highly suggest you try calling them.  Or OnStar.

Davis Automotive & Towing
Buncombe County and Asheville Towing
+1 828-254-2708.


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