Winter Storm Diego, Hendersonville Towing and a few Snowmen

We made all the preparations.  We stocked up the car.  We have studded snow tires. But all that doesn’t help when we slide backwards into a ditch.

We called for a tow around 10:00 HRS, and it was suggested it could be up to 4 hours before they arrive.  Hendersonville Towing and their crew showed up about an hour later… maybe 11:00 HRS – even though we’re still under Weather Warning for Winter Storm Diego.  Had us out in about 5 minutes.

Studded snow tires are no match for a 2′ muddy ditch.  Good thing a ditch is no match for Hendersonville Towing & Recovery.  We’re thankful for their kind, fast, competent team.  They made recovering our car look like cutting through butter.

During my travels up and down the road, I ran across the most awesome snowmen.  Two of them.  Built by a few neighborhood children.  I had not seen such nice snowmen in a long time.  Quintessential representation of a winter snowstorm, and something I would’ve never witnessed unless we got our car stuck in a ditch.

Needless to say, we’re thankful for having a car to climb this mountain, for Hendersonville Towing for getting us unstuck, and neighborhood kids for brightening our day with nice snowmen! 

Need a tow in Henderson County, NC?  Call Hendersonville Towing & Recovery at +1 828-692-6600, they’re located at 1581 Airport Rd, Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792.


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