Thanks for the metal snips, and the mountain, Opa.

Wiss Metalmaster Bulldog Snips

Our past is linked to future in ways I never imagined.

Today, my wife used my late grandfather’s – whom she’d never met – metal snips to adjust a few bamboo sticks. I noticed they were his because he always etched his initials on tools,”DLG”, and this pair of snips had them.  She used the snips to trim bamboo sticks to hold up vegetables she planted to feed us – on a mountain my grandfather never saw.

When I was about 11, during summer break from school, DLG took me on an epic camping trip across the Blue Ridge Parkway. That’s how a seed in the ‘garden of my mind‘ lead to us living on a Blue Ridge Mountain ridge top.  Modern quantum theory says our human concept of ‘time’ doesn’t really exist like we think it does…

Thanks for the side cutters, and the mountain, Opa.

By the way, these are awesome metal snips… this particular pair is at least 30+ years old, in my estimation.  They have flat head screws instead of Phillips head, as found on current model. They’re Wiss 9 1/4″ Metalmaster® Bulldog Snips.  After his retirement from the Army, he then retired a second time as a millwright at General Electric’s Nela Park in East Cleveland, Ohio.  That’s where I believe he used these metal snips.  I’m not sure if they’re still made like they used to be, but these are a professional, sturdy metal snips!


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