Holy Cow It’s Really the Best Apple Pie ever: Mountain Fresh Orchards in Edneyville

Home made apple pie fresh out of oven

There are lots of great pie makers in this town.  After all, according to Romantic Asheville, Apple Valley, which includes Edneyville, is the top apple producing county in North Carolina. And North Carolina is the country’s 7th largest apple producing state.

We stopped the first time in August, then headed to the grocery store for vanilla ice cream. (It’s been a hot summer, but we even remembered to bring the cooler with some ice packs so it didn’t melt.)  We almost could not wait to get home and try it, it smelled so good!

When it comes to apple pies, Mountain Fresh Orchards takes the cake.

Outdoor picture of Mountain Fresh Orchards country store

After we tried this apple pie from Mountain Fresh Orchards in Edneyville, a few months ago, we are on our 4th or 5th. (Had to buy one because we ate it before taking a picture – great excuse. haha) Ever since a great excavator who did some awesome work up in a mountain, that few other contractors would even bid on, told us about the pies, we have been hooked.

It was still warm and so perfectly crisp outside, we thought it might have been deep fried. (We asked the second time, it’s not deep fried, but it tastes almost like it is!) Inside were perfectly cooked apples, properly sweetened, without being too sweet. A little sugar is drizzled and browned on top. There is simply no good way to fully describe what we tasted. We’ve had several guests visit us since first finding these pies.  Each time, a Insde store looking at display case with lots of pies and dessertsMountain Fresh Orchards apple pie is now a must. They each said the same thing… best apple pie EVER!  In fact, this local homemade pie is so good we don’t even need ice cream!  Ice cream seems to detract, rather than complement, the awesome deliciousness of this pie.  It was just the best apple pie ever. This Apple Pie in Hendersonville is so good, it has earned our DoubleDelicious℠ award, you just can’t miss it!!

Good things never last… this DoubleDelicious℠ home-made apple pie in Hendersonville is seasonal.

Almost everything eaten apple pie small sliceSure when we see a neighbor on the way home, we can’ t resist sharing a piece. One neighbor told us the family at Mountain Fresh Orchards has been farming apples and making pies for a long, long time. He confirmed each pie is really made fresh, home made, each one.  But that can’t go on forever, and apple season is only a few months a year… they need their rest…

Hurry, time is running out!

They’re open daily until early November, but they take orders for Thanksgiving pickup.  They have lots of other home-made bakery products, train rides for the kids, and other great stuff. Be sure to check them out, whether you live here or passing through.

!! Check their website or facebook to make sure they’re open. !!

Where to find Mountain Fresh Orchards

Located in Edneyville, just a 5 minute drive from I-26 and well worth the trip even from Greeneville or Asheville!

When visiting, tell them you’d like a DoubleDelicious℠ apple pie!!

Mountain Fresh Orchards
2887 Chimney Rock Rd
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792

Tel. +1 (828) 685-7606

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MountainFreshOrchards/

Website https://mtnfreshorchards.com/



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