Well, well, we found the Best Private Well Service in Western North Carolina

Dropping water pipe, electirc wire and well pump

We bought a small parcel of land a few years ago.  It’s a bit challenging, up in a mountain, pretty steep terrain.  We’ve been working little by little, building what will become a small mountain cabin.  Last year, after contacting maybe a half dozen Private Well Service companies, we couldn’t find anyone who didn’t want $25.50 a foot to drill.  (Exaggeration, but, basically nobody wanted to come up in the mountain, it is so rugged.)

Best Well Driller in Henderson County NC, FIVE STARS!

5 starsWe were so lucky to run across Clyde Sawyer & Son Well Drilling Contractor.  They came by personal referral from a friend.

Other wells nearby are 1000+ feet deep or more. We were fearing the worst: Ours would be just as deep.  If you go over 800 feet or so, the whole project becomes much more expensive because stronger pipe, bigger pump, thicker wire must be used.  It’s said to be about $5000 extra if it goes beyond about 800 feet.  Clyde Sawyer & Son, and their team only had to go 600 feet for ours. Wow…

Lots of options, considerations with a new well

Well driller truck drilling water wellThe whole team was so helpful, every step of the way.  Office folks, drilling crew, and pump crew.  Once a well is drilled, most companies send out a different crew at a later time to complete installation, install pipe, electric wire, and pump.  They gave us several options to choose from for the pump, and also the well covering.  They were also able to help us with questions and considering a backup water cistern.  What a great experience.

WNC Well Drillers that are easy to reach 24/7

Seems like everyone is so busy around here, nobody has time to pick up the phone or reply to emails.  Don’t get me wrong, Clyde Sawyer & Son seems really busy, but they were experts in prioritizing who needed what done first.  They always answered the phone or returned calls quickly.  And unlike many service providers, they were very easy to work with by email, replied quickly with informative information and answers to all questions.

How to reach Clyde Sawyer & Son Well Service for new wells and water pump service

Clyde Sawyers & Son Well Drilling & Pump Service
+1 828-255-7688 or +1 828-665-2022


Well service for Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, and all of Western North Carolina



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