Review: Premier Homes of Carolinas is the Best Place for Modular Homes in Hendersonville, Asheville

Home building site being excavated with great winter mountain view

This post is one in a series we’ll be working on over the next few years, as we continue our journey on building a cottage and garage on the side of a mountain in the southern-most Blue Ridge Mountains.

Building on mountain land

So we have a building lot in a beautiful subdivision, complete with a half dozen switchbacks and about 800 feet in elevation gain.  We purchased it last year and are building a small cottage and garage, and we’re finding out it is not the most straight forward process.  We had some plans drawn up, installed septic system, cleared building location, installed gravel driveway…

A full half dozen builders later

Our plans do not seem incredibly complicated. Double master 2 bedroom on opposite ends of modest living and kitchen area, over block basement.  Somehow we were getting quotes in the $325/square foot range… of the builders who replied, most were not the most pleasant, some of them outright strange and rude… more on those in other posts, a lot more to come after we complete building. But we found a great option…

Premier Homes of the Carolinas has best off-frame modular option in Western North Carolina

We not only shopped with many stick built contractors, we also stopped in to other modular home builders.  They were all very nicely appointed inside, but outside, most seemed like ‘trailer houses’.  After shopping with many many home builders, we were surprised to find a Premier Homes entry-level off-frame modular home that offered nearly perfect features for us:

  • Nearly identical floor plan to our design with bedrooms and bathrooms on opposite side of home
  • Final product, and model home, put together so it looks nearly ‘stick built’
  • Advanced engineering on pre-designed plans to offer most energy efficient, structurally sound home
  • Amazing low square foot starting price point

When building an off-frame modular home in WNC, Premier Homes of the Carolinas is the only place to go.

Of all the home builders, stick built and modular, the sales and construction team at Premier Homes was bar-none anywhere else we found in the Asheville region.  Respectful, knowledgable, low pressure, ‘take a look and we’ll help you through it’ Picking vinyl siding colors attitude. William and Christopher spent many hours reviewing and visiting our building site, meeting with us in their office and at our place. Through each step, they seemed to really care about doing what is right, being up front and providing accurate numbers.

Another issue we have run into is a lack of builders willing to transverse our rougher than normal mountain terrain to get to building site.  No problem with Premier Homes… they seem comfortable and eager to build, even up on a mountain.

Sure, by all means, shop around… but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed in with Premier Homes.  We’ll continue writing posts on our progress, we’ll surely have more great things to say about Premier as we move closer to breaking ground!

How to find Premier Homes in Fletcher, NC

William Rebol
Premier Homes of the Carolinas
6080 Asheville Highway
Hendersonville, NC 28791
828-687-1200 (Office)

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