Review: Our modular cabin from Green River Log Cabins in Campobello, SC

We’ve got building sites for some cabins.  After a long search and going through literally a half dozen builders, decided on units from Green River Cabins aka Green River Log Cabins in Campobello, SC.

We found Green River Log Cabins after seeing one of their modular homes across from Heartwood Refuge & Retreat Center in Hendersonville, NC.  Right across the road from them, near a lake, was an outstanding cabin.  It’s a Green River Log Cabin.

I like to be thorough, so I did a little research on Green River Cabins.  Located in Campobello, SC, it seems they’ve been in business for quite awhile.  Green River Log Cabin modular homes appears to be owned by Dean Garritson.  A review of Better Business Bureau, Google, and other reviews showed mostly very happy campers, and very few complaints.  Another good place to check references, often overlooked by most people, is the local courthouse.  Thankfully, Green River Log Cabins has very few lawsuits on the record.  It would seem the perfect place for a modular log cabin.

We stopped in and looked around.  They made not only modular log cabins, but also park model log cabins.  Unfortunately, the HOA our property is in doesn’t allow park model’s, so we had to go modular. We spoke with Todd Garland and signed a contract to buy one, giving a small refundable deposit.

Will keep this post updated and write more on the wonderful Green River Log Cabins in Campobello, SC as we progress towards our new cabin.

Where to find Green River Log Cabins

Green River Log Cabins
770 W. Frontage Road
Campobello, SC 29322
(864) 457-2444

Todd Garland, Sales Director


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