Review: How to cure most hemorrhoids at home

Haneda Airport Japan Toilet Bidet in Bathroom Restroom

Okay, this is the most sensitive topic I’ve ever written about… but I’m just going to let it rip.  If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, there is little more I’ve found that can be done at home that works so great.

It was my first time with a bidet

I first ran across the ‘Japanese toilet seat’ in Japan.  It was at the airport, upon arriving in Tokyo for the very first time.  After the 13 hour or so flight, I was eager to get to a real toilet.  I rushed into the nearest stall, only to find an elaborate and confusing control panel near the toilet paper.  I didn’t know what the heck was going on, I thought maybe it could blast me off to outer space.  Of course, I used the toilet paper…. until I could ask my spousal unit what all the controls did.  Thankfully my inlaws had one of the devices at their house. In fact, most western toilets in Japan, public and private, have some type of bidet.  The first time I tried it, I was in love. hahaha.  Yes, with the toilet.

Finally, a DIY installable bidet for my regular toilet in USA

It wasn’t until after my second trip to Japan, over a decade later, that we finally decided to splurge on one of these devices for our own toilet at home.  It’s been about two years now.  Unless I’m not at home, or in Japan, when I need to poop, which is very seldom, I never need to wipe my ass.  I now have a spic and span, immaculately clean anus, each and every time I poop.

Don’t get me wrong: there is a place for toilet paper.  The particular unit we got does have a blow drier, but I don’t use it much because it’s much easier to dry off with a clean washcloth.  It’s just like drying your butthole after a shower because it’s completely clean.  What else I noticed, even more importantly, is that hemorrhoids subsided, and I’ve never had a major hemorrhoid attack since we installed it.  Amazing.

Review: Get an electric bidet for your toilet at home in United States

Do yourself a big favor, it’s worth trying out… get yourself an Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Toilet Seat.  It’s been nearly two years, and reliably, at least once a day, it has served me well and thoroughly cleaned my hiney.  Predictable pressure, warm temperature, position.  It works just as good as those electric bidets in Japan.


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