Review: Best Mexican Mole in Asheville Area found in Fletcher

Mexican chicken mole and tacos awesome

I’m not a Mexican food newbie.  As I was growing up in Ohio, Mexican restaurants have always been a staple of sorts in our family. My first memories of Mexican include the now defunct Chi Chi’s, and fried ice cream. (Of course we all know there’s not a whole lot of authenticity of either.)  Then I lived about 5 years in Arizona, which included visits to Nogalas, Tijuijana and Puerto Peñasco – complete with great street food from carts. Not to discount my truck driver experience, with regular trips through El Paso and across border pick-ups from Ciudad Juárez.  Or our many vacations to various places in the Yucatan Peninsula, like Cancún and Playa del Carmen.  The point is, I know Mexican food.

Western North Carolina is no Mexican food desert.  Dozens of Mexican restaurants and food trucks are peppered throughout Asheville, Hendersonville, Fletcher and the region.  I was surprised to find the same family owns most of thePic from parking lot looking towards front door to Scramble MexicanMexican restaurants in Henderson County – even if they’re literally across the freeway ramp from one another. In the past several years, we’ve tried many of them, each with their own nuances, even those commonly owned seem to have their own recipes, chips, etc.  Some of the best food comes from the food trucks.  Shrimp tacos, yum!

Scramble Best Mexican Restaurant in Fletcher, NC

Then we discovered Scramble Mexican in Fletcher.  Located in a small, nondescript building that seems to have been run as a restaurant for dozens of years -well before we got here – and recently renovated.  Scramble began as a breakfast and lunch restaurant serving American food like eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, burgers.  But then the Mexican owners decided to add Mexican to the menu…

We stopped in and were surprised to find our favorite Mexican go-to meal on the lunch menu: Pollo En Mole (Chicken in Mole Sauce).  Some ‘American’ Mexican restaurants don’t seem to fullyPicture of mexican flan on white plate with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate drizzled on top understand the Mole… using pre-made sauces and mixes, but not Scramble Mexican… they get it!!  Freshly cooked chicken toped with family cooked home made mole.  It has a thick, rich texture of home made chocolate mole, just the right spice.  Then we had a delicious authentic Mexican flan for dessert… wow it was awesome!

One of the owners, Guillermo, proudly described his family’s home made recipes. They also use top quality meats and avoid anything pre-marinated, or pre-made by food suppliers.

If you’re looking for the best Best Mexican Mole in Asheville Area, head over to Scramble Breakfast, Lunch & Mexican found in Fletcher across from Charlies Gas Station.

How to Find Best Mexican Restaurant in WNC

Scramble Breakfast, Lunch & Mexican
144 Hoopers Creek Rd.
Fletcher, NC 28732

Tel. +1 828-483-6706


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