Review: Best garden hose spay nozzle 2021, Lifetime Warranty and fast customer service

Dramm Garden hose sprayer, spraying water

It’s garden time!  Seems like every year we’re buying a new garden hose and spray nozzle.  After a few months use, most spray nozzles seem to break down. Spring gets worn out, becomes too loose or too tight, leaks or sprays funny, whatever.  Hoses deteriorate, get overly stiff or twist easily. Until last year.

Last year I ran across a Dramm 12701 9-Pattern Revolver Spray Nozzle.  They have a bunch of different colors, but of course my spousal unit’s favorite is red, so we got the red. Bought it together with a Dramm 25 Foot Rubber Hose, also in red.  It was in June 2020 that I purchased them, to replace the crappy garden hose we’d been living with.

Lifetime warranty on garden hoses and spray nozzles

Roll around to February of this year. Went to hook up the hose again, we had stored it for the winter.  And somehow the thread busted off the bottom of the spray nozzle.  I thought, ohh, great, time to buy a new one.  But no need, I went back and checked, and they both had a lifetime warranty!  I went to the manufacture website, sent them a message and photo of broken nozzle.  In less than day they replied by email.  Then shipped my replacement out by Priority Mail, I had a completely free replacement within a few days.

The outstanding experience led me to buy a few more nozzles.  Now we’re proud owners of three Dramm nozzles.  They have a bunch of different sprayer settings.  It’s easy to turn the dial to select different spray patterns, I even did it with one hand.

Garden hose spray nozzle patterns

If you’re looking for new garden hose nozzles for summer this year, I’ve never found anything better than a Dramm.  It doesn’t leak and drip funny like some garden hose nozzles.  It’s made of plastic and rubber, but feels solid when you’re holding it, like it’s a quality product, because it is.


Where to buy the best garden hose sprayer

Dramm 17101 ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose 5/8″ x 25′ x25′, Red

Dramm 12701 9-Pattern Revolver Spray Nozzle, Red


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