Mind your hygiene: How to Prevent Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)(Sars-CoV-2)(COVID-19)

Totsuka Japan train station with platform

A few years ago during flu season, we travelled throughout Japan and Taiwan.  We were on jam packed subways, trains, buses, and airplanes every day for several weeks.  Folks were sneezing, coughing and hacking, blowing noses everywhere, and the smelly ‘sick’ scent was ever present. We didn’t get sick.

Avoid face mask price gouging, sanitizer product shortages

You don’t need them, neither did we! We just needed to learn basic hygiene and infection control.  Sure, it’s incredibly difficult to learn for some folks. It was for us, too.  It’s like someone that always says ‘ummm’ or ‘ahhh’ during a speech… learning not to touch our chin or face for a microsecond every once in awhile. Most people do it, like micro-sleeps when they’re extremely tired.  This is no different.

What the CDC says about infection control

According to the CDC website, there are two tiers of infection control.  First is for everyone, second is for those who are or might be infected.

First level of infection control precautions

2018 Tokyo Japan Shopping District People with MasksThe first, Standard Precautions for Patient Care, is intended for everyone.  They basically say…

  • Wash your hands often, consistently, properly;
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment like face masks when appropriate, mind you we did not have or use these when we travelled during flu season;
  • Cover your nasty mouth, don’t cough or breath heavily on people, stay away from close talkers or blow talkers;
  • Limit exposure to sick people;
  • Disinfect room, equipment, laundry often, consistently, properly;
  • Some more stuff for healthcare workers.

Second level of infection control precautions

Basically meant for healthcare providers, Transmission-Based Precautions should be followed when you know or suspect they’re sick.

What it all means, how to prevent getting infected

Reminds me of the ‘wash your ass class’ our drill sergeant had to have for a few recruits who apparently didn’t know.  This is no different. It’s really not so difficult, and healthcare workers practice great hygiene everyday – or they’d all be infected. Just use your common sense.  Don’t be a pig.  Stay away from sick people.  Clean yourself constantly.  Most importantly: keep your digits off your face. And if you get infected, don’t worry, odds are excellent you’ll survive.

Coronavirus Information Resources

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Prevention & Treatment

WHO (World Health Organization) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Infection prevention and control

WHO (World Health Organization) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth busters

IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control Canada) Information about Coronavirus

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