French Allure in Asheville @ Crêpe Bourrée


As I walked into “Crêpe Bourrée“,  I was wowed by such beautiful interior & outdoor decor and spaces.  Their beautiful atmosphere makes you feel as though you are in a cozy & chic cafe in Paris (It made us feel like we made a trip there although we’ve never been to Paris!)

For appetizer, we picked ‘lump crab salad on avocado’ (there was a name for it, but forgot to jot down.) which came with thinly-sliced breads.  This was DELICIOUS, I will come back just for this!  Between the options for half size & whole size, we shared half-sized one (see picture.)

We also ordered “Brie en Crôute” from appetizer & “Croque Monsieur” from sandwich menu.  The former is a baked Brie in a puff, and the latter is “a staple of French cafés – toasted ham, Gruyere, béchamel” according to their menu (

To add more French allure to our wonderful meal at Crêpe Bourrée, we ordered “Café Liégios” from dessert menu.  2 scoops of coffee ice cream over which we had fun pouring fresh-brewed coffee before we dug in!


It looks like they recently changed their business name from “Creperie Bouchon” to “Crêpe Bourrée”.   Highly recommended!  Their menu also includes selection of crepes, French onion soup, etc.


Crêpe Bourrée  |  68 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

(828) 350-3741  |






Chie was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan before attending college in Pennsylvania then moving to Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives near Asheville, North Carolina. Despite her metropolitan upbringing, Chie enjoys nature-abundant Western North Carolina living, let alone its warm-hearted locals and cultures. Traveling and exploring are her favorite things to do.