2018 Unauthorized RingCentral Guide: Instructions How to Create and Store Multiple Custom Greetings for Voicemail

RingCentral how to record and store multiple greetings

Yes, you can record or upload and store multiple custom Ring Central voicemail greetings…

I recently ran across occasion to need different voicemail greetings based on the number someone called to reach my extension.  In a previous version of RC, features had ability to name and store multiple custom voicemail greetings. In the current version of RC, as of 2/1/2018, at first it appears this feature has been removed and no longer possible.

I first discovered this post on RC support forums:


Actually, there is a way to get this to work.  I found a work around.  I’m not sure if RC intended for it to work like this, or not, because I have not found any documentation describing this function – including in above RingCentral community thread.

Here is how to have duplicate custom greetings:

Create a Custom Rule…
1) Record your CUSTOM GREETING or voicemail announcement on main extension;
2) Go to Settings then Call Handling & Forwarding then Advanced;
3) +ADD RULE – Name it what you want your CUSTOM GREETING to be called;
4) Customize your call settings in the Advanced Rule – select the CUSTOM GREETING previously recorded;
5) Save then Go back to main extension and re-record (or re-upload) a new CUSTOM GREETING.

The two will remain separate custom greetings, separate recordings.  You can select the custom greeting based on rule.  A simple rule to create is based on number dialed.  Here is the RC help file, Article Number : 3609, you might need to be logged in as user to access:


We love RingCentral, but some features have changed over the years.  What previously worked for us no problem has been changed and now requires workarounds like this.  But we’ve rarely run across something the system can’t do – it’s just a matter of figuring out how, and getting to the right person or article with proper instructions.

BTW- This is not an authorized RC article, just a long time user.  Over a decade.


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