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We bought a Modular Cabin from Green River Log Cabins.  Green River Log Cabins offered not only the modular cabin, but also expert modular cabin delivery and setup by C&D Contractors, and full deck construction by Aylestock Construction.

Delivery and setup impressed us.  The deck goes over the top.

Steep deck by Aylestock Construction

Steep mountains are where contractors earn their keep.  There is nothing easy about building much of anything up in the mountains. It takes special people, with special skills.

Green River Log Cabin’s subcontractor who did the deck didn’t disappoint.  The owner, Derek Aylestock, and his competent crew, made it look easy.  But there was little easy about it.  From the engineered footers, to the covered porch. This wasn’t a huge deck, but it wasn’t easy either.

Check out the timelapse of our deck being built

Looking for a deck in the mountains?

There are so many unknowns when hiring a contractor.  Even more questions when a subcontractor arrives. Over the past few years, I’ve had occasion to speak with dozens of contractors of all sorts, carpenters, concrete specialists, electricians, plumbers, septic installers.  Few are as responsive as Aylestock Construction.

View from under wood deck built on steep ground up in the mountainsAs often happens during construction, a few parts of the plans didn’t quite fit properly.  Alignment of the stairs to the slope, and sizes of posts. At each step, if it didn’t make sense to Derek, he let us know, and we were able to make the decision on how to proceed.

There was nothing unexpected from Aylestock’s service.  Communication was excellent, called and texted when they’d be here… then… amazingly… they were here when they said.   Once here and working, their quality workmanship really impressed us.

We will highly recommend Derek and his competent crew anytime someone needs a deck in the mountains.  If you’re looking for the BEST DECK BUILDER IN THE MOUNTAINS… call the BEST DECK BUILDER, Aylestock Construction.

How to find Best Decks in the Mountains

5 stars

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