My Love of Lemon Plums… and I hate plums.

Lemon plum

It was a few years ago.  We just walked into our favorite grocery store, Ingles, and paused in the produce section to recollect what we needed for the week.  I certainly did not expect what happened next.

Ingles has a Fruit of the Month.  Funny thing is this particular fruit was only in season a few weeks a year.  Maybe they changed it after a few weeks when it was out of season, I don’t know.  They were Lemon Plums.  One of the many friendly employees, Davis at Ingles Skyland location, noticed me scowl at the plums – not in my top 10 list of favorite fruits – and suggested I try one.

Reluctantly, I picked a few up, and that was that.  From that moment on, I loved Lemon Plums and I would ask about availability all the time. Now if they have some, I buy as many as I can.  Like a Lemon Plum fiend.  A Lemon Plum addict.  My research found they’re mostly grown in Chile – only available a few weeks a year, and originally concocted in Israel.  Lemon Plums, when ideally ripened, have, well, a sweet lemony flavor.

Guess what?  They are in season NOW!  Do yourself a flavor favor… don’t wait… go out and pick up some Lemon Plums today!


Grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, USA., and recently co-located to Asheville, North Carolina area. Trained as Army MP, but bit of a renegade career wise. Phil has owned businesses in insurance, private investigations industries, and has experience in computer network engineering, asset recovery and repossession, and commercial over the road truck driving. Career long entrepreneur, property investor and rental manager. Phil loves sharing his experiences of great food, travel, experiences and products.