How we did it: No bill ever with Grid Tie Solar using Community Solar from Arcadia

13 solar panels on top of house

Did you just get your spiffy new grid-tie solar system activated?  New to grid-tie solar and watching your SolarEdge inverter statistics… daily, hourly, LOL?  Wondering when your first grid-tie electric bill will arrive?  Perhaps you got your first few electric company bills and discovered there is still a monthly service charge and taxes due.  Yes, you still have an electric bill to pay after you get grid-tie solar system with net metering! It happened to us, too… but we uncovered a solution: Community Solar from Arcadia Power.  You can really have NOTHING DUE each month for your electric, not even connection charges, fees or taxes.

Clean Energy from Arcadia Power

We signed up with Arcadia Power about a year ago, on their 50% wind power plan, before we had grid-tie solar.  It works with most any electric company in the United States that does online billing or can send an invoice by email. You can sign up if you’re in an aparment or a house, if you rent or own… it doesn’t matter: Power is still delivered and serviced by your local electric company.  But for biling, instead of Duke emailing us a monthly bill, they send it to Arcadia Power.  Then Arcadia bills us.  We pay the exact same monthly electric bill, but they claim to source 50% of the power from renewable power sources.  It costs nothing, and I can do something good for the environment: use renewable wind power instead of coal, nuclear, or other dirty sources.  They might tell you otherwise, but you can even sign up for budget billing with your power company, and still use Arcadia!

Duke Energy Grid Tie Solar Rebates

But it gets better… we took advantage of Duke Energy of NC solar rebate, together with Federal income tax offsets, and we got a pretty economical grid-tie SolarEdge Solar Inverter Mounted outside of housesolar system installed by Renewable Energy Design Group of Lewisville, NC (RED Group).  I found them on our local community FB group, some folks in the area had one installed on their home.  It was to cover about 80% of our electric usage.  (Even though you can install more than that, due to scandalous regulations designed to profit big Electirc at the penalty of solar owners, they allow Duke to steal excess solar energy generated throughout the year and reset your account to ZERO in July. More on the awesome RED Group who did an outstanding job and the Duke Energy net metering consumer theft in another article coming soon…)

So our first few Duke Energy bills came since the grid-tie solar was activated, and our system is outperforming expectations.  We’re really happy with it. But there will always be service fees and taxes, no matter how much power we generate.  Our solar power generation cannot offset fees and taxes.  Currently, it’s about $15 a month.  Here’s where it gets interesting…

Bundle Arcadia Community Solar with Grid Tie Solar for Zero Bill

Arcadia Power has an optional Community Solar program.  They’ll sell you one solar panel – installed at their location somewhere else in the United States – and give you some of the profit it generates.  For each $100 solar panel (actually, I don’t believe it’s a specific solar panel, but rather a virtual solar panel which is a portion of a real, physical system), they’ll credit you what it generates, averaging $1 per month, for 10 years.  You’ll get your $100 back in about 8⅓ years, then the last 1⅔ year is all profit…. about $20.  Pay $100, get back $120 – in 10 years.  Not the best investment, you’d save more if you put your money in a bank account.  But it’s great for improving cash flow, and at least there is an expected profit of some kind.

So…. if you take advantage of Arcadia’s Community Solar program, and buy 15 panels…. your monthly electric bill will truly be $0 due, even for taxes and fees, for 10 years.  What a deal?

Find out more about Arcadia Power

Below is an affiliate link.  You get a few bucks credit for signing up, and help the environment, and I earn a few bucks for the referral.  If you don’t want the deal, or would rather go directly to their website, it’s, but it’s a great company – just sign up!  Use the affiliate links below for a credit on your bill.

We love Arcadia Power.  When first signing up, we were sceptical.  They do what they say, and they say what they do.  Here’s a link you can get $5 credit to your electric if you sign up for Arcadia’s no cost 50% wind plan.  Or, get $25 credit if you get Arcadia’s 100% wind plan – which costs about 10% more than your regular electric bill.

To find out more about Arcadia Power and get these credits, CLICK HERE.


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