Double Delicious Review: Western NC’s Best Cheesecake found in Hendersonville

Oreo Cheesecake

Those who know us know we try our darndest to follow the Whole Food diet.  We really do.  Instead of buying a cart of carbs and sugar, we allow ourselves to pick 1 thing each with either sugar or carbs when at the grocery. I usually go for the cheesecake, pie, or ice cream. (Okay, sometimes I have to include ice cream, because apple pie and ice cream are ‘one thing’, or it takes co-oporation with my spousal unit – who typically lands in the chip isle. haha)  A few months ago, we wrote about apple pie so good you don’t need ice cream.  Now we write about the best cheesecake ever…

Best Hand Made Cheesecake in Asheville: Find it in Hendersonville

A few years ago, we ran across this double delicious little ‘cheesecake factory’ on Main Street in Hendersonville, it’s called CA’s Cheesecake Bakery in HendersonvilleCheesecakes.  Carolyn and her family have been in the area for over a decade, and offering cheesecake since 2015.  Ever since we ran across Ca’s Cheesecakes a few years ago, we knew they loved dogs.  And then I found a favorite, a slice of the Dalmatian Cheesecake.

This stuff tastes like the same heavy (in a good way), rich, delicious cheesecake I remember my mom baking when I was a kid.  Each bite is a dessert onto itself.

CA’s Cheesecakes offers over 45 varieties, according to menu on their website.  A bunch of flavors seem to be available on a walk-in basis, but I think a day or so in advance pre-order is best for many specialty flavors.  And every one we tried are so Double Delicious!

One cheesecake, and 5 extra slices. LOL

We’re going to a shindig next week so I stopped in to grab a cheesecake to take with us.  Even bought a few extra slices, for my spousal unit.  As they were preparing my cheesecake and slices, I decided to add on a few extra pieces, you know, just in case.  Haha.

Get your whole pie or just a slice of the Best Cheesecake in Asheville-area today, found only in Hendersonville.

If you stop in, ask for a “DoubleDelicious” cheesecake, so they’ll know where you found them!

CA’s Cheesecakes
432 N Main St
Hendersonville, NC 28792

(828) 595-9874  Website  Facebook


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