Help Wanted: All about McDonald’s Crazy Self Ordering Kiosk

Picture of mcdonalds self ordering kiosk with digital ad displayed that says "now hiring"

Stopped into McDonalds in Arden, NC the other day.  I had not been to any McD’s in awhile, just stopped in for a coffee.  (Why lie: it was a hot fudge ice cream sundae I was after.) A kind gentlemen… Continue Reading

Asheville’s 18th Annual Organicfest: Caricatures, Elderberry, and a Hard Sell before the best Korean BBQ

Caricature by Lillian Cotton of Cotton Studios

Looking for something to do, while on the way to the awesome Korea House, we stumbled upon Asheville’s 18th Annual Organicfest.  We discovered several great earth-friendly vendors, and some fun stuff, too. We had family visiting from out of town, and there… Continue Reading

Review: Best Mechanic in Henderson County NC: Coop’s Mobile Garage

Picture of Coop's Mobile Garage logo on side of truck

UPDATE: As of November 5, 2019, Coop’s is on hiatus and taking a break from business.  Well, we’re on our search for a new mechanic, again… — August 24, 2019 – We live on a mountain in Henderson County, North… Continue Reading

Review: Best Optometrist in WNC… Blue Ridge Eye Care, Dr. Craig M. Poole

Picture of store window, big Glasses logo

It’s been nearly a decade since my last eye exam.  As an infant and then small child, I had multiple surgeries to fix ‘lazy eye’.  Back then, Dr. Hiram H. Hardesty, MD, treated me.  He did a lot of research… Continue Reading

Time waster: America’s Home Place is no place to go for custom homes

Picture of America's Home Place road sign

We’ve had a home in the mountains for nearly 5 years.  A few years ago, we purchased an extra parcel to build a garage with apartment above, since we have no garage and little storage space.  The apartment will work… Continue Reading