Review: We planted two Meyer Lemon Trees in pots, here’s what’s happening.

Very tiny, smaller than a half of a dime. One of half dozen Meyer Lemons 3/18/2019

Got ourselves “Meyer Lemon Trees” by our sunny window. Sweet fragrance from the flower ♡ 🍋.  They’re supposed to grow great indoors, and will save us lots of money on lemons!  The one on left is about 4 foot tree,… Continue Reading

How to Use Microwave Egg Maker – Instructions for Chef Buddy

Microwave egg cooker in front of microwave

Looking for a solution to whip up some morning eggs in a jiffy, we found the Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 Microwave Egg Maker on Amazon.  Arrived promptly, but without a retail box or packaging.  It arrived in sealed clear plastic packaging… Continue Reading