My thoughts on ‘Kindling Cracker King Firewood Kindling Splitter’

A Product Review of Kindling Cracker XL from Northern Tool Heating exclusively with firewood is quite liberating. It’s about as caveman as you can get.  Wood.  Fire. Heat.  (Well, if you’re using the proper kind of seasoned firewood you get… Continue Reading

Henderson County’s Affordable Tree Service goes out on limb

Since being lucky enough to move to this place, we have seen the half dozen trees surrounding our home and knew they need professional attention.  We hear them howl, shake and bend as frequent wind storms blow through.  A few trees… Continue Reading

Medical establishment sentences uncle to lifelong servitude. Are you next?

It’s my uncle. Like many Americans on brink of retirement, he’s is just months away from medicare eligibility and currently without health insurance. He recently had heart attack, went into ER where they admitted him, placed a stint, then released… Continue Reading